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WHIP crew breaks down Pirates-Reds brawl suspensions | MLB WHIPAROUND

J.P. Morosi and Nick Swisher discuss their thoughts on the suspensions doled out on the players involved in the Pittsburgh Pirates – Cincinnati Reds Brawl, and what the MLB should do moving forward with pitchers throwing at hitters.

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WHIP crew breaks down Pirates-Reds brawl suspensions | MLB WHIPAROUND

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  1. What are your thoughts on the brawl?

  2. it'll stop when people wake up and realize these are just acts from these baseball players. Just a play. Like shakespeare. All baseball brawls are silly acts

  3. Can’t t wait to see someone knock Puig out! I mean I wanna see that Odor-Bautista shot! He’s a roid rager!

  4. Every time I see a fight on the baseball field there is always 2 guys fighting and the rest of them hugging each other.

  5. Blonde needs attention 😭😭

  6. Those players need to grow up. Quit taking offense to a guy admiring a homerun he just hit.

  7. As a Red Sox fan the only guy who could beat up that dude is JD Martinez.

  8. Padres and braves back in the mid 80s was a good 1

  9. Baseball wussy just because the kid watched a homerun…….Grow the f up and strike him out!!!

  10. He missed him with that left😂😹😂😹😂

  11. Surprised Amir only got 8 games tbh. All the other suspensions lengths seemed accurate, but I thought Garrett would get around 10 games, cuz he not only charged the dugout, but actually THREW a couple punches

  12. They need more of this, this is the most I’ve watched baseball all year!

  13. Police should arrest them like normal people that fight.

  14. Stop watching this breakdown and go watch Jomboy Media's video on this. This breakdown is embarrassing "fox sports."

  15. The fans love this more than hitting the ball.

  16. Did I see Joey Porter in that scrum? I think I did.

  17. You can analyze these 2 teams all the way back to the 70's. Bruce Keason, Willie Stargel, Johnny Bench, Pete Rose….. Steelers/Bungles…..

  18. Most fight the pirates have shown all year.

  19. Only 8 games for Garrett, that Black privilege.

  20. Love how Yasiel got suspended 😂

  21. I'm sorry, but I wanted to see those numbers tripled. Double digit game suspensions for everyone. You want to start throwing balls at 90mph at someone's skull? Then have fun sitting out the rest of August, and most of September. Oh, that kind of punishment is too harsh and could hurt potential playoff berth? Then don't throw baseball's directly at someone's skull. Period.

  22. The best dugout charge since Hal McRae Jr. "Gangsta!!" LMAO!!

  23. MLB should be like the NHL and allow there players to fight

  24. So this idiot is condoning throwing a baseball at a batter, just not at his head. I don’t miss professional baseball, football, hoops at all.

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