Sunday , January 23 2022
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Whip Crew discusses surging Yankees sinking Mets | MLB WHIPAROUND

Dontrelle Willis and Nick Swisher discuss the New York Yankees recent surge and the New York Mets sinking chance to make the postseason.

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Whip Crew discusses surging Yankees sinking Mets | MLB WHIPAROUND

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  1. Will the Mets make it to the postseason?

  2. Surging? Not with that joke of a pitching staff, but noone wants to bring up the Fact that Cashmen hasnt been able to put a decent rotation together in the past decade

  3. Ha and people saud this is the mets year again hahaha go Yankees

  4. We are gre8t team America's team 💯

  5. The Mets problems is that they bought into the belief that they were a playoff contender just because the had a good month of beating below 500 teams. They were still 2 games below 500 even after that run. All teams even bad ones go on a hot streak. The Mets still need a centerfielder and bullpen help. They should have realized that even if they made the playoffs, they wouldn’t win the WS. That should be every teams goal. They should have traded away Frazier, Vargas and other expiring contracts to set themselves up for a better run in 2020.

  6. In the meantime ESPN is screaming about Ezekiel Elliot for 2 hrs

  7. The Yankees must delete Boston in September! I want to see the shitz Sox become Obsolete for the playoffs!! Delete!! Delete!!! Delete !! Delete !!! 🇺🇸✌️

  8. I'm a Mets fan and I was raised to be a Mets fan lol, but RIP Mets.

  9. It’s always weird seeing swish without a huge lip in.

  10. Let's just get a legit starting pitcher then we could be invincible. Let's go Yankees


  12. The Mets defense lost that game. And lately the Cardinals are the hottest team in baseball. But i Still think the Mets can make the wildcard.

  13. Yanks are literally 5-5 in the last 10 Games. Pump the brakes they aren’t surging.

  14. Theyll never get past the Astros

  15. Swishers attributes
    Contact – 67
    Power – 62
    Fielding – 59
    Charisma – 100

  16. Can wait to see Yankees get sweep against the A's.

  17. There's like 3 great starting line ups in this Yankee roster.

  18. I love Swish’s excitement when he talks about the Yankees! It’s infectious!

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