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White House demanding FDA chief authorize vaccine today or resign

Food and Drug Administration Commissioner Stephen Hahn is under pressure from the White House to authorize Pfizer’s COVID-19 vaccine by the end of the day or resign.

Original source (ABC/Youtube)

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  1. It’s still the longest trip you’ll ever see from Trump lol like it’s still goin politics wise

  2. Trump really trying look like his trying after Biden team begins putting things into place to help Americans battle the pandemic. Trump already claimed the viruse isn't that serious and so why he bothering now…

  3. A two-bit dictator always demands!

  4. Notice how the FAKE-NEWS just reports someone saying something (They don't show someone saying it)?

  5. Stimulus !!!! Nancy should also get it down or get her out and go home enjoy ur ice cream.citizen are really hurting Really …. Oh not doubt about it that really citizen are hurting from actually why !!!! We have to be the tax payer problem…It is stupid TRUMP solves his stupid agenda and we have to end up being dump who fault will that be….


    Trump attended army football game 13/12/2020, scene atmosphere so hot…..

  8. … and this is the reason nobody wants to take this vaccine. Politics!

  9. Hahn stated that this is untrue…fake news by agenda driven media

  10. Donald John Trump is the most executing president in a century as well as for most executions for any president in a year. What's the skin color break down of the prisoners the self-proclaimed least racist Donald John Trump choosing to execute?

    Donald John Trump conducts "grifts" and/or swindles to separate suckers and losers from their money.

    Donald John Trump should be impeached again for purposely and intentionally impeding the Presidential transition which is a direct obstruction of the federal government.

    Donald John Trump is the most unpresidential President of the United States of America.

    Donald John Trump, through transition to the next administration, is demonstrating he's the best choice Vladimir Putin could choose as President of the United States of America.

    Donald John Trump deserves "additional impeachments and barred from future service" for a trend of illegal acts committed during his Presidency.

    Donald John Trump, Neglector in Chief was helped into office by Vladimir Putin because Russia knows Donald John Trump's a serial financial nincompoop.

    Donald John Trump declares a win and calls to stop counting votes and throw away the yet uncounted votes when Trump has 232 electoral votes and Biden has 306 electoral votes. Yeah, Trump said he won.

    Donald John Trump actually believes if Republicans lose majority control of the Senate it has nothing to do with him.

    Donald John Trump views the Foreign Emoluments Clause as imaginary and breaks this constitutional law daily.

    Donald John Trump is still receiving bribes from Russia, China, & Saudi Arabia in his 'various bank accounts' around the world.

    Donald John Trump is a monster domestically nurtured by the 'wealthy' via the Republican Party.

    Donald John Trump is considering leaving the USA if he loses the election, but knows Russia will welcome him with open arms.

    Donald John Trump was encouraging domestic terrorism in the USA years before it was confirmed by Michigan Gov. Gretchen Whitmer.

    Donald John Trump knew he was infected with COVID-19 which is why he wouldn't shut-up during the first debate, he was trying to infect Joe Biden.

    Donald John Trump tested positive for COVID-19 prior to Wednesday Sept. 30th; the following Friday announcement was an additional more thorough test for confirmation.

    Donald John Trump is spreading COVID-19 throughout the Government of the USA, there by exceeding the expectations of Vladimir Putin.

    Donald John Trump is the world’s biggest spreader of coronavirus misinformation.

    Donald John Trump reveals his bias for white supremacy during the debate and by trying to eliminate racist, sexist and diversity training across the USA.

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    Donald John Trump has 'knowingly' lied to American citizens about the dangers of COVID-19 resulting in unnecessary death.

    Donald John Trump does not respect the United States of America, it's just some 'thing' to make money from.

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  11. General Michael Flynn and Family Speak at Jericho March in DC 12/12/20

    During the speech, Donald Trump made a few round trips on the Marine One, a Marine Corps helicopter (2) in synchronization with the speech of General Michael Thomas Flynn.

    Some parts of the speech:

    "People don't know it because we say the constitution,

    the constitution, the bill of rights, what does that mean?

    Well, what I'm going to tell you is to go and see!

    go see and understand, because this nation is going through

    a historic constitutional crisis and we all know it,

    not just the people who voted for Trump, the whole country

    whole, the whole world is watching what we're doing right now

    and we have to do this right! it's not really about Donald J Trump

    this is the presidency of the united states of america,

    it is the fabric of the constitution of the united states of america,

    the constitution concerns freedoms

    individual, it is about individual freedoms,

    the constitution carries individual freedoms, when

    the founding fathers created it, they created it for this purpose

    not on collective things, not on this set

    collective of institutions that we have around us "

    "We haven't had this kind of crisis, it's new,

    it's new to all of us, it's new to me.

    This is one thing we are at

    all faced but you know what?

    In our heads, in our minds, that's where we find

    fear, because fear is a mental thing,

    it's something you have on your mind

    and you fear things because your mind says:

    I'm afraid of this, I'm afraid of that, but it's in our hearts,

    it is in our hearts that we really know what is right,

    because in our hearts this is where we differentiate

    right from wrong, right? where we make the difference

    between the dark and the light, and we know it, we know that

    in our heart it's a divine feeling but it's actually your heart,

    it is your heart that speaks to you, not your mind because your mind will say:

    "I'm afraid", and what I'm telling you is that we have to be fearless as Americans

    and we must be fearless because truth will always triumph over lies.

    Justice, justice is what is played above all,

    justice will triumph over abuse and fraud. "

    “Honesty, honesty is a strong word, honesty, isn't it?

    honest in all types of arrangements and relationships we have

    honesty will always triumph over corruption. "

    "Honor, honor is another word that is

    probably used too often or wrongly.

    We all have honor, we honor our mothers and our

    fathers, we honor coaches, we honor our families,

    and we have to honor, what we have to do is us

    honor each other and we must honor our country.

    We must honor our country, especially at this time. "

    "the greatness that is in the skin of the American soldier

    is a soldier who can stand in the middle of the toughest fight

    of his life where someone will try to take his life in 1 second,

    and in a fraction of a second he can jump and protect a child from danger,

    take him in his arms and probably take a

    bullet in the back while he tries to protect the child. "

    "I said: don't let fear keep us from breathing this

    what I call the fresh air of freedom, no one will take it from me. "

    "we are in a spiritual battle for

    the heart and soul of this country, I have said it a lot,

    we will win because it's the truth, it's the truth,

    that's why we're gonna win ok that's why

    the truth, the truth will overcome. "

    "when you have been raked over the embers by the media

    as I was raped over the embers by the media,

    like my mother said, blows hurt,

    but words cannot reach me.

    And I'll tell you, and I've said it before in the media,

    how the media are doing this country a huge disservice! "

    "some of these other media, abuse when I talk about abuse, of

    corruption and fraud that we have encountered in my family "

    "this is the soul of our country and we

    let's get it right, so there it is!

    (Donald Trump arriving above with Marine One)

    You see he heard me call him, he's a stealth,

    but he's a fighter, he's a fighter!

    he's a fighter and you know what?

    and you all know it because you are the ones who fight

    with him because no one in this town is fighting for him

    I mean for a guy who should've left

    and who, you know, played golf or ran their hotels,

    he gave up everything and look at the filth they put him through,

    i mean look what this man and his family went through

    and you know God loves him because what he was able to accomplish

    in our country during the period he spent

    as President for the past four years is amazing!

    I mean it's really amazing

    and everyone knows it, all the critics of the left, they all know it,

    the media know it, that's why they keep targeting him and they keep chasing him!

    but every time, every time they throw an arrow at him, it's an arrow that is aimed at us!

    and we cannot allow that to happen in this country and therefore,

    therefore, we, the people, must continue to fight and we fight! "

    [VOSTFR] General Flynn's historic speech before the Supreme Court in Washington DC 12.12.2020

  12. That’s crazy so he’s not doing that because he’s interested in helping people, had you been interested in helping people they would’ve done so with the minimum, at the beginning, When the pandemic started. So there must be some wealth involved right!

  13. Does Trump want the the vaccine for free , b4 he leaves office😄his whole family should be the first to take the vaccine 🙄

  14. When is that orange bastard going to shut the hell up??

  15. Why wasn't a antidote as well???

  16. Trump demands FDA do what it was already doing.

  17. Yeah because his ass won’t be the one being sued after people get sick in a few years

  18. Really Mr. Trump! You've been denying the virus for 9 months. NOW you are concerned!?

  19. Once you taste power and get away with it ,and is backed by the boss and know you’ll never be accountable for your actions
    The sky is the limit…

  20. Oh he’s serious… hope the fda guy doesn’t live in Florida. State police will run in with guns and point them at children!

  21. Gold is a great way to preserve wealth, but it’s hard to move around. You do need some kind of alternative and bitcoin fits the bill. I’m not surprised to see that happening.

  22. Simple as ABC fake news.I wonder what the real story is.
    Time to sucede.

  23. Israeli intelligence officer and yours

  24. this covid is bs, its all government control~

  25. Trump, America is not the products of one person. Will someone please explain this to the moron.

  26. Why is this president firing everybody he is very upset with himself

  27. Approving the cassine after 5pm. That means not oficial operation until Monday. How many people could have died in 3 days? Original said approval decision comes in 12/10, it already delayed ine day. FDA chief is usimg ameeican lifes as political tools shame on FDA.

  28. Every single time can not fry Mr t

  29. Morons hate on trump. Just wait and see what comes soon

  30. Hahn should have been fired. Other countries are already using the vaccine! The deep state needs removed!

  31. I hope everyone of you on here who hate Trump live in these cities who have defunded and cut back in police by these democrat run mayors and city councils and see the continued crime rate and experience the crimes and murders of their actions. You hate Trump but let's watch and see how this country crumbles like it is already doing in these cities. Your will reap the results of this election and you will not like it, guaranteed. All because of hatred and stupidity.

  32. Americans need a helping hand not a hand out.
    Get it done

  33. Trump tries to take the credit of all those hard-working people at the FDA.

  34. This president is a joke, isn't he fired yet

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