Tuesday , April 20 2021
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White House Holds Press Briefing: February 25 | NBC News

Watch as White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki holds a briefing.

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Live: White House Holds Press Briefing | NBC News


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  1. Well I guess we’re back at war now just one month in. My president Donald J Trump never had to go to war!

  2. Anyone wanting or demanding power and displaying there power, doesn't have the interests of the people. They want power for there own selfish ends!

  3. So illegals get instant green card; free lawyers; housing; social benefits and legals get stuffed. That's TOTALLY ridiculous. You guys are political trolls.

  4. Will there be another extension on the non eviction moratorium

  5. If she calls you by name you're a 'PAID' member of their media propaganda machine LMAO

  6. You'll get 2 years. Then you're done with this nonsense.

  7. She ain't no cirle back gurl

  8. what a REAL administration should have. great to be back to accountable politics

  9. Jen Psaki's credit is due to your fantastic job.

  10. Booooooooooo sorry I’m not circling back

  11. How do these people sleep at night knowing they are lying to citizens that may believe them all the while spreading propaganda 🤔

  12. Keep up with the great wardrobe Jen its glowing on you, its working we hear you and we believe you and I always support you , so far so good

  13. she still cant get that parting in her hair right ….

  14. So joe needs a speech before talking with the american people first got it lol.

  15. She is really good at talking a lot without actually saying anything.

  16. Fake news media find out what flavor ice cream obiden had 🙄

  17. Karen the reporter. All GOTTCHA questions. FAIL

  18. I believe nothing from what they say anymore not after the airstrikes on Syria we knew biden was going to do something over there.

  19. Love Jen. She's a great press secretary.

  20. Wow, what a gorgeous dress! Depth of fabric and cut is lovely 🙂

  21. Psaki looks like Mark Zuckerberg

  22. God Biden…please have mercy..
    we give up …Orange Man gone!!!
    Please quit f**king with the little brains that are afraid to live their own lives and voted for you to be their mommy!!
    Tell the children it's ok to go outside and play!! No masks children…bad orange man gone…it's OK now!!

  23. Just came to give my thumbs down since youturd keeps deleting them

  24. Im sure the RADICAL rights are so disconnected with their country all they can come up with is pathetic digs at nothing thats important to their daily lives, I mean picking on her delivery after the last 3 press secretarys, and Joe using a teleprompter, which he uses quite well,he doesnt need it for every word,he.uses it for what it is a."prompter" ya know if you go of YOUR script,you can get back on track, because they're his words,his speeches,not someome elses,(thats the difference now) and thats why he.gets through it with ease unlike your predessecor,who clearly couldnt strong two coherent sentence together without ending up totally off script and always ended up bragging about himself. Psaki has bought back a normal coherent press conference back, with everything the people need answered, even your allies around the world are watching for info now, not just a good laugh

  25. All the likes are fake. Oh my gosh YouTube we have it on video you changing them. 🤣😂

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