Sunday , October 24 2021
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White House Holds Press Briefing: September 16 | NBC News

Watch as White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki holds a press briefing.

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LIVE: White House Holds Press Briefing | NBC News


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  1. YouTube removing dislikes….again.

  2. 😳😳😳 The Biden Administration is Mandating the Death 💀 Jab!!! Start the Nuremberg Trials Now!!!

  3. No one really cares what this white house says. We know you didn't win

  4. DAILY WHITE HOUSE PRESS BRIEFINGS: “Never have so many words been spoken, yet so little actually said.”!
    You are all actually dumber after having heard her.

  5. Why is congress and postal workers exempt from the shot? Because this is all one big fraud!

  6. Jen's words "get the vax so you don't get the covid" Bunch of bs period! Many who got the shot are still getting covid, anyone awake to the genocide yet?

  7. If we still controlled the airport and sky, 2500 troops and planes is plenty to control caveman with ak47's little red lying hood.

  8. So we are all paying to give the rest of the world shots, think about it…

  9. Hay america …our politicians are criminals . They sold our country to china . Economy and education is fall down….our country …

  10. Ecclesiastes 9:11

    King James Version

    11 I returned, and saw under the sun, that the race is not to the swift, nor the battle to the strong, neither yet bread to the wise, nor yet riches to men of understanding, nor yet favour to men of skill; but time and chance happeneth to them all.
    In other words, time and chance represents the opportunistic moments of you believing and having faith in God. For it is not in you being swift that will win the race. For it is not in your strength that will win the battle. For it is not in your wisdom that will win the bread. For it is not in your understanding that will win the riches and it is not in your skill that will win you the favour. However, it is in you taking advantage of the time and chance By believing and having faith in God.

  11. So you cry global warming, but Piglosi flies to the uk for an award? Why wasn't that just a virtual meeting to reduce her carbon footprint? I know, rules don't apply to public servants who now think and act like they are kings and queens…answered my own question…my bad;)

  12. God Bless America and her Allies 🇺🇸

  13. Jen what time does the president wake up from his nappy.

  14. This is very helpful to United Nations Security group Intelligence members communities. We're following the process and position join movement all nations for stable level of peace to build world economy and Security council.

  15. Thanks, for transparency activities of global partnership with allies and pulse sentive relationships with America Administrator position in world moving forward.

  16. of course you agree because you are stupid. why pay the same people who caused the crisis aka china?! a country is like a family, declare bankruptcy if overstretched vis a vis china, what are they gonna do?! learn to produce for yourselves like we all have to.

  17. NBC and the regime headed down the cr@pper

  18. Gotta love politicians that forget they work for us.

  19. CDC shows that less than a thousand children 17 and under in USA have died from covid since covid started and the vast majority of deaths are people 60 and older but Biden-Harris want school children to wear mask, should it be seniors instead?

  20. The standard of care directed by Dr Fauci for all US hospitals is
    Remdesivir-main side effect is respiratory and organ failure! Liver and kidney failure in 3-5 days! Then they stick you on a respirator for a few days till you die and the hospital collects it’s 80,000 fee! Dr FAUCI knew before this pandemic hit just how deadly remdesivir is! That’s why he mandated it as the standard of care to increase the death rate in the beginning of the pandemic to create fear and push for their experimental clot shots!

    The experimental vaccines are causing medically induced disease!!! Micro clots- permanently damage blood vessels throughout your body resulting in hypertension of the lungs and right sided heart damage within 3 years.! Moderna has around 40 trillion messenger rna per dose! A elevated A Ddimer test within 2 weeks of the clot shot has shown 62% of those who have taken the clot shot have elevated levels!

    FDA’s list of possible adverse reactions that are NOT published with the jab inserts on purpose to deceive citizens into getting the clot shots!
    Guillain barre syndrome!
    Acute disseminated encephalomyelitis
    Transverse myelitis
    Acute myocardial infarction
    Autoimmune disease
    Miscarriages/birth defects
    Other acute demyelinating diseases
    Non anaphylactic allergic reactions
    Disseminated intravascular coagulation (blood clots)
    Venous thromboembolism
    Arthritis and joint pain
    Kawasaki disease
    Multi symptom inflammatory syndrome in children! organ inflammation-Listed as a New child hood disease in 2020 caused by the experimental clot shots!!!!!!! Mis-c multi system inflammatory in children. Over 4200 already reported in the CDC’s web site!

  21. Give us our Stimulus Cheks and bring back the Unemployment! This is the economy builder for America. Otherwise, a economic collapse!

  22. My question…how can a president have a meeting with the Australian PM and not remember his name? Rhetorical of course.

  23. No one believes this woman, she's defending a corrupt government and doing a great disservice to all that is American.

  24. American People sure do need a boost! Boosting this administration down the street would have tremendous positive impact

  25. Everyone don't let this moment pass please make the best decision of your life right now by allowing God to come into your life by you praying to God everyday for his help in every decision of your life everyday and in every situation of your life everyday for I guarantee if you do this everyday then your life will get better, you will have more peace, you will be more successful, you will have more happiness, and all your dreams will come true that’s because when you pray to God then God will make all good things possible for you and you must not forget to read the “Holy Bible” everyday and a great place for you to start in the holy Bible is (Psalms 1) and everyday after that read a chapter in Psalms till you finish all the chapters in Psalms then after that start on (Proverbs 1) then everyday after that read a chapter in Proverbs till you finish all the chapters in Proverbs and after that read every chapter of the Holy Bible until you finish it for it will change your life in the most amazing way

  26. Biden doesn't care he's going to fire how many people? He left how many people in Afghanistan? I notice how it's gone from Afghanistan to Covid. What's up with the Potus and sock puppet?

  27. My favorite start to a statement “Before we confuse the public…” 😂 Man, bottom of list of White House jobs I would take. She’s good at it though – making stuff up on the fly. I also liked “I know you like facts…”

  28. When you turn of cameras and audio in the middle of " the leader of the once free world " it gets a little quiet, jen

  29. Again don't mind the 100% hypocritical bs we do! It's not happening! Ok next

  30. Another lie another FALSE HOPE leading us down a path of the money train for THIER BOSS and chief we the people are paying for 🤡💩💩💩💩😈

  31. Do away with the DAM FILIBUSTER.

  32. I was l Iistening ah to her ah speaking and ah just ah could'nt take ah it ah any longer ah. What in the Wizard of Ahs was that??

  33. Can anyone tell me why they think this administration is doing a good job? From what I’ve seen they’ve just been screwing over Americans and getting our troops killed

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