White House on alert after 2 aviation incidents

A pilot passed out while flying and the plane crashed in a mountainous area in southwestern Virginia, an official said. WATCH THE FULL EPISODES OF WORLD NEWS TONIGHT: https://abc.com/shows/world-news-tonight WATCH THE WORLD NEWS TONIGHT ON HULU: https://bit.ly/3iQLwPp #WNT #WhiteHouse #AviationIncidents #AircraftCrash

Original source (ABC/Youtube)

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  2. They probably shot it down.

  3. White house on alert??? Joe on alert? That's a joke


  5. Two bad they weren’t that fast on 9/11.

  6. They need to get a better CGI crew

  7. What happened to the smoke in the sky they forgot to add the smoke on the passenger aircraft when they took a picture SMH

  8. You telling me he can golf? He can barely walk.

  9. It was a UFO! Sasquatch was the pilot! Just Kidding, harrowing moments, yeah right, like nobodys, never heard a sonic boom before! They could hide Biden in West Virginia in some of them Hollers!

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  11. It would be nice if you could have mentioned the status of the crashed cessna's passengers. Instead you made it sound like the pilot just passed out no biggie nothing to worry about. Dumbest news reporting iv seen this year. Congrats

  12. thats the same kinda jet Payne Stewart was in when all the passengers passed out 😳

  13. Same simpler story, loss pressure causing passengers to pass out 👇👇

  14. The people in the plane were prominent Trump donors and was shot down by f16 fighter jets. Just a coincidence here nothing to see here.

  15. Biden golfing? I'll bet that was a hoot!

  16. Swaztika invasion Sg samoa

  17. Soon they will be blaming President Putin!

  18. If that sonic boom happened over NYC, they would've crapped their pants.

  19. Recent government reports have indicated that that pilot was killed for spying on the chemtrails players or he was A KIM TRAIL SPRAYING

  20. Did Biden fall down golfing

  21. When facts are few, experts are many.

  22. If slow oxygen deprivation is to blame here, chances are the 4 passengers passed out before pilot. You feel sleepy then passout until heart stops.

  23. World weakest president is Biden😂

  24. Good to know the president was golfing. It's not like we have all these problems at home and abroad or anything. Hope he had a cup of tea too. Goodbye Biden. You will not be remembered EVER as president. Just a stain in our history.

  25. Waiting for the golf cart too flip

  26. well, if there's a way to go, i think this would be it!

  27. Did I miss the part about the second incident?

  28. Several people just died from the crash, but the center of the news was the 'sonic boom' of the jet! Crazy news reporting…

  29. Medical Emergency. Not loss of pressurization.

    My opinion is that it was not the same as Stewart Payne jet's loss of pressurization. When the F15 which intercepted Payne's aircraft, the windows were fogged with ice from low temperatures at that altitude and moisture from loss of pressurization. The F-15 pilot could not see the pilot.

    When the 2 F-16 intercepted the Cessna Citation at 34,000, the pilots reported that they could clearly see the pilot slumped over in his seat.
    Center (Air Traffic Control) had been in contact with the pilot at 18,000 feet, well above the 18,000 foot requirement for pressurization.

    Also, this Citation Model 150 had automatic drop down oxygen masks, and a back up pressurization system.

    The Cessna Citation pilot was 69 years old. I think this was a medical emergency.

  30. Well what do people expect when they live in the national capitol? They better get used to hearing those on occasion because the US DOD & USAF plan to defend that airspace with whatever theyve got

  31. Every pilot needs to be put on a breathalyzer prior to takeoff

  32. Trump or nuclear war. You choose

  33. I suspect the first plane with passed out folks was sabotaged…here we are again? Is it an act of war?

  34. That is only 1 incedent Ficking morons