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White Sox, Yankees to play at 'Field of Dreams' in 2020 l ABC News

Major League Baseball announced the New York Yankees will play the Chicago White Sox next season at the Iowa farm used in the 1989 hit movie.


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  1. red sox should play the yankees there

  2. Not even playing on the actual field and wasting money on a new stadium for one fucking series, way waste more resources MLB

  3. So they're playing on a field next to the iconic field. The New York Yankees do this at every home. They play next to the house that Ruth built. This is so ridiculous. Who cares.

  4. 8,000? Bro imagine if the dodgers vs Yankees for World Series on that field. That place would be PACKED!

  5. My dad plays vintage baseball for our home’s team. Last September I think, we got to go to the field of dreams. He was playing 3 games there. We stayed in a hotel of course, since it’s Iowa and we live in Michigan. It was about a 20 minute drive there. It was really cool and it just felt great overall. I got to run the bases and get a tour of the house.

    Now he’s going to play where the Shawshank Redemption was shot in Ohio or something.

  6. …so they're gonna play right next to the field of dreams…cool…

  7. Can I request that the next event be played at the Sandlot !!!

  8. I played on that field once in college

  9. The end scene with the traffic is gonna be real

  10. Why yankes do more teams it always yanks

  11. World series should be played at field of dreams…that way no home field advantages

  12. Will ‘Moonlight Graham’ be on hand to stop people choking on hotdogs? 🤔

  13. The mlb commissioner should speak at the end and pardon shoeless joe jackson

  14. Click baited by the news… Nothing new…

  15. This is so American. No agenda. Just play ball. Hope we can have an ALL-STAR game there. Love this move by MLB.

  16. Next nba needs to play in the court white man cant jump

  17. if you want them to build it for you press 1

  18. i want to go…going to hate it if I don't get the ticket

  19. It's stupid it going to be a homerun derby it's less than 350 to center. Unless if they chop away more corn I don't see this being any good

  20. This racist cuz they don’t want black peoples in this cracka ass game.

  21. Would of been way better if we were playing the Cubs though… #PinstripePride 💯

  22. MLB has become so greedy they can’t even think straight. This is beyond dumb.

  23. How stupid. Who the hell wants to go to Iowa just because some movie .

  24. Definition of a lame nothing burger: announcing a Field of Dreams MLB game NOT played at the actual Field of Dreams site. #clickbait #fail

  25. I’ve never seen it. I’ve seen the Rookie tho

  26. So they are not playing on the field of dreams? Everything is a lie

  27. The should do one at the Sandlot also

  28. White Sox fans are poor urbanites. Only tourist go to white Sox games except on dollar night. Most of them don't even understand baseball. It will be only yankee fans at the game

  29. Next sites Alaska, North Pole, Hawaii, Greenland, Africa, Big Ben National Park in Texas, and in Siberia.

  30. its "he will come" not "they will come".. youve all been duped by the mandela effect

  31. Why are they wasting money and building a new field??? Just play on the actual field of dreams

  32. What?? They’re not even gonna play at the damn field! This is why baseball sucks LOL

  33. What I think the mlb should do is tell everyone that their playing next to the field of dreams. Like they are. Totally different field.

  34. i thought this weekend's jerseys jumped the shark but this is silly. well almost as silly as the London series.

  35. Shoeless Joe Jackson should be in the HOF.

  36. Why does the title say play on the field if they arent playing on the same field

  37. Can’t wait until they destroy the field with “temporary” seating. Those 8000 people have to sit somewhere…

  38. Shoeless Joe and the others 7 will be watching from the cornfield? They won't come.

  39. 1:43 is getting minimized…. but this is such a main point…. it’s not even the field of dreams they are just building another ballpark nearby…..

  40. There was already a game at the Field of Dreams..It was at Fenway Park at the All-Star game in 1999:P

  41. If you build it, only Yankee fans will come lmaooo

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