Home / News / White Supremacist Groups Target QAnon Conspiracy Theorists Who Feel Let Down By Trump | NBC News NOW

White Supremacist Groups Target QAnon Conspiracy Theorists Who Feel Let Down By Trump | NBC News NOW

NBC News’ Ben Collins reports on the new recruitment efforts by white supremacy groups that are targeting disillusioned QAnon conspiracy theorists who felt let down by former President Trump.
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White Supremacist Groups Target QAnon Conspiracy Theorists Who Feel Let Down By Trump | NBC News NOW


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  1. Absolute Deep State GARBAGE propaganda.

  2. Why did White Supremacy lie dormant during Obomba's administration, hmm? Does that pass the smell test that during the first Black POTUS the KKK, etc. would be quiet and come alive during Trump?

  3. Some woke up and smelled the coffee😂. Those people live in a make believe scenario. I hope they somehow get educated with reality

  4. Not even a day in office and here is proof he is already breaking the law. He needs to be impeached. https://youtu.be/ebEGjrhphgk


  6. watching cult members live is mad disturbing because a lot of them are in charge of employees and other human life.

  7. The entire govt should have been arrested along with the Biden regime.

  8. Life must be so boring if this is all you can find to do all day.
    Go and do something useful because tomorrow you may die!!!!!

  9. 😆🤣😂🤣😂 Wow…..you've be ALL DUPED BY TRUMP!!!!!

  10. Their brains are scrambled 😵🍳

  11. This is a consequence of having a country full of religious morons who never questioned their beliefs. People like that can be manipulated into believing anything because they've already accepted some deity that has no proof of existence.

  12. Trump should have shut it down a long time ago. But no, he loved the attention

  13. Imagine being white in 2021 America and NOT being a white supremacist?

  14. Check out our hilariously catchy Pop-Punk song, "Pizza-Gate Princess" – that pokes fun at all this QaNonsense. We swear you'll be singing the chorus all dang day!

  15. Q is also white supremacists so let them Eat Each Other Alive. So be it. Stupid, Delusional Cretins All.

  16. Why does nbc push for black supremacy instead of equality?

  17. I pray that all the dumbfux who fell for the grift, finally wake up and see reality, and get a fxcking life . This I pray 🙏🙏🙏🙏

  18. “ The great awakening “ they all woke up and realized…this orange muthaluva really left us here with our nazi shirts and bear spray?

  19. People’s! Really need to straighten out their life! And stop being a follower of evil 😈

  20. It ! something needs to be done with these brainwashed mental ell people’s! These are the kind of people’s trump keep company with! All of them need to be locked up! And never let out ! This is the evil that happens to you when ! God isn’t in your life! And you don’t read the Holy Bible! And be obedient to , Gods words! Then you live a miserable life! Because without him ! All kinds of bad things happens

  21. Dominion conspiracy theory? LöL! Wow!

  22. Even yesterday when there was news that 30 were rescued from traffickers, the comments were filled with those praising trump…because certainly the investigation started under his watch.

  23. Looked for this for 3 hours this guy needs his own channel

  24. QAnon supporters should be banned from watching TV, going to the movies and reading fairytale books since they can’t tell the difference between fact and fiction.

  25. The majority of comments I've read here use name calling and bullying. Coming from adults, is that not childish behavior?

  26. LOL…. this "reporter" acts like she doesn't know what GAB is. Is she so ignorant?

  27. How on Earth do folk get sucked in to these whack job conspiracy cults ? Seriously, you're have to have a few screws loose upstairs….

  28. Q anon a GOP test to see how many stupid people in America.Thats when they knew it was ok to run Trump as POTUS.

  29. “A New Awakening.”. Well that was a bust. Trump led those psychos on with his fiery rhetoric. They all fell for it. Duh?

  30. I thought most Americans were Christians you can’t live like this and be a Christian.

  31. I've got a plan for them. Actually 2 plans. They can all set themselves on fire & jump off the highest point they can find.

  32. So they wanted executions televised for Chrismas … Unity yeah right

  33. Q cultists still believe Trump will become President on the original date that past Presidents had been sworn in on the past … 'March 4th'… I have read many posts about this in the last couple of days. Some say it is the day that Trump will become Queen , whoops I mean King! It is crazy how some people really believe Trump to be good when he is really pure evil. 🕊Prayers that they open their eyes and fallow Christ… not Trump.

  34. Republicans are in for a downwards spiral:

    Lose faith in elections, don't vote (why bother)
    Lose elections, get mad and mobilize against the government
    Lose integrity, because more radicalize to become extremists
    Rinse and Repeat.

  35. We need some severe laws and indictments against domestic terrorists !

  36. Nothing wrong with a lump of coal. Some coals are of high grade with great thermal qualities.

  37. 😆😆😂😂😅😅🤣🤣🎯🎯😎😎😁😁 What a qanon Deadline Missed. Lmao

  38. Nothing is sadder than q idiots all broken up that they weren't able to destroy American democracy. The funniest thing is them thinking Donald Trump is some sort of super genius who cares about anyone else but themselves. They are the most gullible group of suckers in modern history. It would be funny if it wasn't so sad and pathetic.

  39. Q freaks will just move the time and goal posts, end of the world cult nothing more. There is magic, it's called nature period.

  40. Y’all do realize not all Trump supporters believed in Q right? 😂😂

  41. 2:10 "A lot of these people are committed to mysticism."

    Perhaps it's time to simply have them committed.

  42. We have long known about the dark money in politics, the lobbyists who push for laws that favor their wealthy clients; and the revolving door between lobbyists, CEO's of multi-national corporations and legislators in our government. This is a well known fact as to how so many laws unfavorable to the environment, and detrimental to the well being of people get passed every year.

    But I have recently found an article that explains the origins of a new kind of dark money in politics–Psy Ops that bend people's minds to favor their candidate. The article traces back to the very beginnings of the Q Anon phenomenon. I believe the article has a lot to learn from–and there are links to the sources.


    Please, I beg you, read this article, research about it and get this information out to the public to stop the Psy Ops!

    It shows that the Q'Anon cult was started early on by members of the Trump campaign by paying for a service that targeted susceptible people to join the Trump cult. 2 million dollars was paid out to get this started on the internet.

    PLEASE read the article, and find a way to DO something to stop this kind of psychological mind bending in politics.

    It is the only theory I have seen so far that explains how almost 74 million people in America have lost their minds and believe in an alternate reality.

    Of course racism , fascism and religious fanaticism also explain part of what is happening to tear apart our country today. -but the Psy Op plays into all of those elements.

  43. Ben looks like he's trying not to cry

  44. 🥺For real! They fell for that kind of lunacy? 🙄😂😂

  45. These monsters need to be classified what they are.. DOMESTIC TERRORISTS. then the FBI can go after them like isis or other terrorists.

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