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Whitmer's approval rating plummets over mishandling of COVID shutdowns

Fox News contributor Deneen Borelli reacts to latest poll showing the Michigan governor’s popularity declining on ‘The Evening Edit.’ #FoxBusiness #EveningEdit

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  1. She is a communist not a leftist

  2. I live in Michigan and I was never polled, she's an idiot 👍

  3. We all know about the polls

  4. Maybe when they put them in a concentration camp or re-education Camp they might figure it out

  5. The dots are connected but the polls and msm erase them as fast as they can.

  6. Sometimes u have 2 sacrifices people 4 gain seems 2 b the governments leasons at r cost

  7. Your telling me the person who allowed covid positive people to he held and treated at nuring homes that resulted in likely thousands of needless deaths of elderly people is unlike by her constituents? Golly gee I never guessed.

  8. Good old stretchin Gretchen.

  9. Betting A House , Witch is NOT
    Reelected. Along. WITH California Governor. !!. THEY imposed Lockdowns .AND BECAME
    Dictators .😠😠😠😠😠 WHO
    DID. AS THEY. Please. From Attending Fancy Restaurant's
    TO. Allowing Husband To Go Fishing They're Both Typical
    democRATS ,. Hypocrites !!! .
    AND. Liar's. !!. Only The. Fool's
    Will. Vote For. THEM. 🥴🤪🤪🥴😜😜 !! .

  10. I laughed out loud on accident when she said, "Whitmer is a train wreck in slow motion"…..that shiz is funny

  11. Let me say this….I moved to Michigan 2 years ago with an open mind about her. Never ONCE have I heard a good word come out of any resident's mouth about her.

  12. Whitmer will be voted out. I can't wait to be one of the michiganders that contributes to said outcome.

  13. I get so frustrated with people who say how bad Whitmer is but don't tell us how to get rid of her. What can we do? Whitmer is a horrible governor in a blue state. Can't wait to see how long til WE get to remove our masks. So to the guest, yes many of are awake to her evil, but helpless to stop it til next election.

  14. Who the hell voted for Witchmer?

  15. I dont even think she wants to be governer any way thats why she interviewed by for vp

  16. NO ONE approves of her. We've wanted her OUT ever since she got in. They're just not listening to the People of Michigan.

  17. Wow people must start paying attention

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