Monday , January 18 2021
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WHO Leaders: ‘Vaccines Do Not Equal Zero Covid’ | NBC News

Leaders at the World Health Organization issued a warning against complacency as Covid-19 vaccines begin to be distributed around the world. While welcoming the positive vaccine developments, Director General Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus also said the pandemic “has a long way to run.”
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WHO Leaders: ‘Vaccines Do Not Equal Zero Covid’ | NBC News


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  2. Vaccination = Zero Covid for those inoculated.

  3. Vaccines not a cure remember that getting vaccinated.

  4. Tedros equals zero competency

  5. He didn't get fire yet we don't trust him period

  6. Because it's not about a virus. It's about control. The new world order

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  8. With vaccine you can still get infected just like flu. You get vaccinated and still get the flu. Vaccine is not a treatment, it is for protection.

  9. It will double because of side effects?

  10. ALERT -GRAVE RISK VAX LEADS TO FEMALE STERILISATION – EMA INJUCTION Dr. Michael Yeadon, ex chief of research at Pfizer and Dr. Wolfgang Wodarg, a lung specialist and former department head of public health lodged an appeal to the EMA, the European Medicine Agency responsible for approving drugs across the EU, asking them to suspend the ongoing Pfizer/BioNtech COVID vaccine study on BNT162b (EudraCT number 2020-002641-42).
    Concerns over the health and safety of the human test subjects in Pfizer's European COVID vaccine study have caused the two two eminent doctors to launch the petition calling for an immediate halt to those studies.

    Drs. Yeadon and Wodarg in their call for an immediate suspension of this study and their application to the EMA, Drs. Yeadon and Wodarg give the following reasons why the Pfizer study could pose dangers to the health and safety of the study participants:

    First, the doctors say that the study design must be improved as the highly inaccurate PCR test is currently being used to detect the presence of COVID in the study participants. This means that the efficacy of the vaccine is in doubt. The doctors recommend changing from the PCR test to Sanger sequencing.
    Second, and more important, the doctors advocate animal testing of the vaccine to exclude the possibility of the risks to the life and health of human participants from known side-effects of other similar studies on corona viruses.
    These side-effects can include: an exaggerated immune response when the subject comes into contact with the "real world" virus; possible infertility of an "indefinite duration" for women; severe allergic responses to polyethylene glycol which is contained in the mRNA vaccine being tested by Pfizer; and, other latent, serious side effects which, because of the short duration of the study, may only become known well after the conclusion of the study.

    Because of these unacceptable risks to the life and health of the Pfizer/BioNtech COVID vaccine study participants, we are joining with Drs. Yeadon and Wodarg as co-signers of their petition to the European Medicine Agency, asking for an immediate halt to these studies.

  11. WHO needs to be completely reformed!!!!!! Current stuff could not do their job!!

  12. Let he first get the vaccine. He is a Criminal and members of TPLF the ones who did genocide.

  13. We’re all gonna die, this Life is just temporary.

  14. If the vaccine doesn’t work why take it? 🤦‍♂️

  15. I can't stand this farce. What will they do if the virus mutates or tomorrow's next pandemic emerges? Stop ruining the economy for present reliefs. We are sacrificing our younger generations to save the older. It's unfair but what is more unfair is depriving the youth of a future. I can't believe the nerve of these guys.

  16. I personally know the history of the WHO. And visit their website. Its history and what they have accomplished is amazing. The more i read the more interesting it is. My ignorance disappeared, fears of the unknown and anxiety. I think rationally, because if i go by misinformation i create a false image that really scares the heck out of me. Ignorance means lack of knowledge. Before i discuss any topic i read its history or biographies. But is time consuming, that is why today we are more misinformed. Social media for me personally can be quite unhealthy. There is a new mental disorder called social media anxiety.

  17. CDC reports as of today
    2015-2016 1,538
    2016-2017 3,695
    2017-2018 6,446
    2018-2019 2,543
    2019-2020 4,022
    2020-2021 15 (to date) THIS YEAR


  18. . CHINA
    Is Using Australia To Perfect Their Tactics To Overthrow America.!.!

    ( see skynews . com . au )

  19. To think the people in this room could have avoided covid19 from becoming the pandemic it is today. It's hard to take them seriously.

  20. Smoking Gun VIDEO showed the GA. Ballot Dumping ploy at the State Farm Arena……
    Yup, Clearly shows 4 ballot stuffed suitcases hidden under tables, all for, you guessed it JB……
    The People know that Big Media, Tech and Science are not to be believed or trusted (they lost narrative)……

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