Wednesday , November 25 2020
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Why are Americans surprised Trump withdrew troops from Syria?: Gaetz

Rep. Matt Gaetz (R-FL) expresses his disappointment in Democrats and certain Republican leaders not standing with President Trump on his choice to withdraw American troops from Syria.

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  1. Donald Trump once again will be president in 2020 like it or not Democrat

  2. Yes, and now you can send 2,000 troop to you Arab masters who killed 3,000 Americans in 2001.

  3. Democrats and Republicans are funded by war machine

  4. Trump stabbed our Kurdish allies in the back. America's reputation is shredded. Dishonorable.

  5. “The strongest Man upon Earth is He who stands most alone.” ~ Henrik Ibsen

  6. Because he sent troops to Saudi Arabia. And, backstabbing and mocking allies isn’t cool. Allowing ISIS to form again isn’t great.

  7. It's a total SURRENDER from Trump. BIGLY!!!

  8. freekin fox news!! out there to create the news rather than reporting it and are created to do the will of the zionist Israel.

  9. Term Limits…..this Congress does not work for the people….ever. They pledge their allegiance to Special Interest and anyone giving money to their re-election campaigns. So disgusted with this Government. Vote OUT the RINOs. Drain the Swamp…TRUMP 2020


  11. The Bushes were a disaster for this country, and so was Obama. No more go-nowhere wars.

  12. Will shame ever kick in for these guys? They are the band on the Titanic, keep playing pundits, keep playing.

  13. so we know there are still 129 RINOS that need to go…….

  14. Gaetz has a big future ahead.

  15. Good job, trump is a friend of isis….

  16. Gaetsz I trust just like Trump you may have things to hide. Otherwise how can you mislead people like this. Talk about founding farthers and the values .

  17. We don't need to waste our money on war, when we can waste it on solar panels instead. There's plenty of sand in the Mojave.

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