Saturday , January 16 2021
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Why The Affordable Care Act Might Not Be Reaching The Right Americans | NBC News NOW

Enrollment for the Affordable Care Act is ending in most states on December 15, but many Americans are unaware they are eligible for the benefits. NBC News’ Benjy Sarlin explains why the program may not be reaching the right people.
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Why The Affordable Care Act Might Not Be Reaching The Right Americans | NBC News NOW


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  2. There is no point in my enrolling. The least expensive plan constitutes 79% of my current gross income. My rent already constitutes 76% of my gross income. What do they expect me to pay with? When I had healthcare, back before Obamacare was a thing, I paid less than 5% of my net income for it and it was the best plan I ever had. Briefly, at the beginning of this year I was paying 11% of my net income for a crappy bronze plan. l lost that with my job in March. Cobra was 125% of my gross income. Not sure why the government thinks people can pay more than their total income for healthcare. This mess exists because politicians don't have a realistic picture of what low income Americans are able to pay for basic needs or what those basic needs cost.

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  4. If People Don't Rebel Against Tyranny NOW There Will Literally Be No Tomorrow

  5. We already know the government doesn't care about the american people.

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  7. Govt hates the people. They show us not to care. Only worry about yourself. The rest is fake news…all of it. Principles out the way of critical thinking….

  8. People must keep your benefits yourself because of advocacy can allow to put in my account in my costumer service for traveling this is when Dow Jones making our payment goes higher or lower no one can get that expensive money 💴 in the bank 🏦

  9. Vote 💙💙💙 Georgia 🇺🇸

  10. Over 300,000 dead. Millions are homeless. No Covid relief package for the people. BLAME MITCH AND THE SENATE!

  11. Does any of this make sense? It's like choosing a drug plan. Will someone please give me a crystal ball so I can see what drugs I might need next year. Health care is not at the top of my "must haves"! If I'm sick or hit by a bus I believe we should be able to see and be treated by a Dr. in a hospital and Damm the cost. Health care is a right !

  12. This is why Georgia has to vote out the Republicans

  13. It is not affordable in states that did not expand Medicaid.

  14. I'm for giving socialized medicine a try for once. But about the ACA:
    We never said it was perfect; that's why even we say to improve it.


  16. about time this is 1 of the things you should be reporting or hey in for example certain company in this town needs help if you lost your job or a certain stock looks good. you should be really really depressed from all the negative that come out your mouth every single day

  17. Corona vecine is not possible dis is tedi khir

  18. Nothing got to right people under Trump

  19. Why don't Americans have affordable healthcare, education and housing like Europeans ?

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