Friday , November 27 2020
Home / News / Wife Of American Diplomat Flees U.K After Allegedly Being Involved In Car Crash | NBC Nightly News

Wife Of American Diplomat Flees U.K After Allegedly Being Involved In Car Crash | NBC Nightly News

She fled the country citing diplomatic immunity, and now Prime Minister Boris Johnson is threatening to intervene.
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Wife Of American Diplomat Flees U.K After Allegedly Being Involved In Car Crash | NBC Nightly News


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  1. Send her back
    Send her back
    Send her back to the UK. The American woman was not even a registered diplomatic, so send her back. As an American, I am appalled by my country not sending this drunk back to the UK to face charges🤷‍♂️

  2. Everyone who knows her in America should Shun her for what she has done and how she used THE  'Diplomatic Immunity'(Get/Stay out of Jail Card) to Flee from the UK. This will haunt her because 'She has Run but she can't Hide'.

  3. I love my British friends and I think this woman needs to turn herself in.

  4. They say she was driving on the wrong side of the road but since she’s American wasn’t she technically driving on the right side of the road big brain analysis

  5. do you people that want her sent back have any clue how many crimes UK diplomats getaway? in the past 10 years alone there have been rapes and kidnappings by UK diplomatics and they hide behind their government not willing to send them back to American to face our courts. Now, I'm not saying she should get away with this but if we send her back for this, then it opens the door for every time another government wants to charge one of our diplomats for some BS charge. Back in the early 2000s a UK diplomat was drinking and driving in New York and ran over a teen on his bike. He fleed the country that night and hasn't returned or talked to the family. He claimed he is protected from our laws and lawsuits

  6. American's whine about fair? Good luck on your vacations. Just want to be fair. It's just business after all, right?

  7. She's NOT the diplomat and immunity should not apply!! Shame on moron chump again.

  8. It's the UK's fault.They call potato chips crisp,french fries funny and drive on the wrong side of the street.I said a long time ago,someone can get hurt over there.I think the US should invade them for their own good.

  9. Anne Sacoolas kills someones son, then claims diplomatic immunity. So, if you want to get away with a crime, marry a US diplomat!

  10. I think a trade would be fair . The wife for twenty one savage .

  11. Both her and her husband have been named publicly (good on you Boris). Their cover's blown, so there's no reason to stop her returning on security grounds. Do the right thing…

  12. Send her back. She had no right to flee from this terrible accident.

  13. How long were she in Britain and not figured out the left-handed traffic?

  14. The sad thing is, this was an accident and the woman is probably devastated! She just has to find the courage within, to do the right thing for the family sake and herself!

  15. Let’s make a deal Assange for the wife.

  16. Her socio-economic class is getting in the way of common decency. That murderer needs to stand trial.

  17. Send her back to stand trial! This is not acceptable.

  18. That’s a hit and fly. That’s not right.

  19. For once , Boris is right. Anne should be extradited immediately and face 🇬🇧 justice.

  20. C'mon, as an American citizen, I say send her back to stand trial. She left the kid for dead. No remorse at all. Let the Brits make an example of her.

  21. This woman did not even stop to see if she could have rendered Aid. Shame on her for staining the country's name on her behalf. My condolences to this young man's family and Friends .

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