Monday , October 26 2020
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Wilbur Ross: China trade deal, USMCA total $2 trillion in trade

U.S. Commerce Secretary Wilbur Ross breaks down the enforcement mechanism included under the U.S.-China phase one trade agreement which he argues is unlike those of previous deals, he also commented on the benefits of USMCA and possible tax cuts.

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  1. As The Story Goes Xi Jinping was too scared to come here because he thinks someone from the Chinese people will assassinate him. So he's actually afraid to come to America

  2. This is actually a good start toward paying down the debt…all things are possible…critics on MSM will knock it and promote some false get ready to snort with indignation. I predict the Dow will be over 29,000 at the end of trading today.

  3. Thank you Mr. Ross for your service!

  4. President Trump is doing good for America and Americans

  5. I'm an Iranian and I wish Iran had such BRILLIANT President like precious Trump.

  6. what could he do but praise the deal, it is toothless as a chicken

  7. On behalf of the Democratic Party, 2020 presidential candidates and especially the fake news medias, will you President Trump stop winning?

  8. Maria can't take her 2/ faceed…mouth

  9. 40-50 billions in agriculture they gonna be farting soybeans in china.

  10. Recession this bitches I think Nancy Pelosi and your family is going to have to move to a different country you are no longer going to be free to operate in America

  11. It’s funny that Congress is trying to take credit for these deals they can’t make deals like trump they can put their name all over it but you know it’s trumps deal

  12. The fact that China were so resistant to the deal shows that deal will be better fo America!!

  13. They are some serious trade figures for sure! And tax cuts 2.0 for the second term. It's pretty clear, providing Trump with his second term will be good for EVERYONE, even democrats yet they won't like to admit to that. What an amazing time.

  14. Wilbur needs to trim his nose hairs before going on TV.

  15. Funny how the democRATS have accomplished NOTHING for the Nation, but rather pursued this Impeachment FIASCO!! LOCALLY MOST democRATS have pushed for HIGHER TAXES, GREATER BUSINESS & NEW HOUSING STIFLING REGULATIONS, and the ECO-TERRORISM IDEOLOGY of the Left.

    This President has instead MARCHED FORWARD accomplishing more than the past DOZEN Presidents Combined!!!

  16. TRUMP FOR PRESIDENT 2Q2Q, 2Q24, 2Q28, 2Q32, & 4 EVA

  17. President Trump. Winning 2020.

  18. And just to think america is the one who got itself into this mess. By america's past thinking "Never trust a communist!" But why?

  19. considering what was lost in decades past, this gain is shocking, shocking. meanwhile there are those trying to tear it all down, who do they work for?????

  20. Poor China. Now they'll have to buy tons of U.S. farm products. In the past all they had to buy was The Biden Family.

  21. The Republicans are credited with this deal….the Democrats are signing paperwork against our president…wow

  22. Wilbur Ross, partner in Russian Shipping with Putin's son in law! Where's the Justice in that? He lied too!

  23. God Bless our President Donald J. Trump

  24. All the Ney sayers who said the Impossible deal could never be done. Are all the ones still saying this deal is not good enough

  25. Thanks to Sec.Ross For all you've Done in this process..

  26. What's with the audio at 6 minutes? Tech screwed up.

  27. That’s why we put a real business man in the White House. It matters to him how our money is spent. Politicians don’t care about our money.

  28. Remember working class can not survive without capitalism. Think about it. Change my mind.


  30. President Trump is working hard and achieved sooo much! While Democrats are cooking up evil ways to impeach him. Sick Dems.

  31. Well done president Trump and administration 👍👍👏🏽

  32. Remember when Paul Krugman said Trump would ruin the US economy. What a tool of the left. Somebody stomp on his face.

  33. Nothing matters except that
    America has a huge problem with toilets ..
    Trump is on it !!
    We will all be ok soon !!!!!!
    He is like Luther .. does his best thinking in the outhouse . A great religious leader sent by God .

  34. Anybody tired of winning yet?

  35. So China is going to pay for the big beautiful wall? 😅😅😅😅😅😅😅😅😅😅😅😅😅😅😅😅😅😅😅

  36. And now we live in a prison once known as the free and liberty nation, now military rules us with their tech toys, Google monsters want all your data. Time to go dark and not work to get tax stolen for our haters, times up and the media must be arrested first for enabling.

  37. China+trump= Tranquility..hmm🤔

  38. First China and now this. It keeps getting better and better. KAG2020. TRUMP2020. Vote out the leftists and RINO's in 2020.

  39. I wonder if anyone made a screen snap-shot of usdebtclock(dot)org 24 hrs before (!) all of this versus 24 hrs after (!) all of this and compare if anything changed in a big way! … If so PLEASE LET ME KNOW!

  40. Oh what a terrible President he is! He is bringing 2 Trillion to the U.S.! Says the Democrats.

  41. I'm glad about the " No recession" predictions under this agreement. But, am I weird because i dont think that i pay to much out of my paycheck for taxes? I understand the : "You got to give to get" saying.

  42. So glad we have a knowledgeable, savvy negotiating adult in the White House while the children play nasty games in the congress

  43. With historic high employment, with wages rising in all income groups, I believe a huge April/May surprise may be the tax revenues for 2019. We don't hear anyone talking about it, but it is simple math to anticipate those numbers to be tremendous. Then will be the big decision… will any of it go to start addressing the debt???

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