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Wilbur Ross on trade: Progress with China is one step forward, one back

Secretary of Commerce Wilbur Ross discusses China trade negotiations and the tariffs Trump has placed on Brazil and Argentina.

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  1. Doesn't matter what they work out Nancy Pelosi won't let it go thru. We can't even get USMCA passed.

  2. American people have to suffer some to get the tariffs right. Trump is right. We need to stay strong. China is holding back they believe the ball is in they're court but…it will be in ours soon enough. They can no longer take advantage of the USA.

  3. Support China by buying Chinese goods this Christmas at Apple, Amazon, BestBuy, Home Depot and WalMart.
    How else can they afford to buy US Treasuries to fund the US government's $1.3 T annual budget?

  4. If Trump is so interested in corruption, there's a guy for ya, Donny. Wilbur has a buttload of corruption.

  5. Rewarding China decades ago was the first step back as reports of Red Coat British police tactics and social credit score plans emerge?

    Americans do not support tyranny. Also impeachment nonsense gives them another excuse to make more broken promises and try to bribe neighbors?

    Thanks Crooked Hillary?

  6. I say, impose additional tariffs if deadline is due without Phase 1 Trade agreement. China is playing game. Can’t trust the Chinese.

  7. This guy is a rothchilds puppet drain the swamp what a joke hes a one of the swamp members trump got u brainwashed

  8. Xi JINPING kneel down to TRUMP dam parasite communist.

  9. The last batches of goods are really essential for American people which will hurt USA more than China.

  10. Don't trust the government of China. Stop trading with a corrupt government


  12. One step forward one step backward then swig your partner do si do …

  13. Doesn't matter.. we still are bringing in millions in tarriff.
    Revenue for US.

  14. The CCP wanted to play with the big boys, and now they got it.

  15. China trade with USA or USA writing China future? But the dragon has a future inside plasma eye?
    Phasial trade deal's will be decided by USA and China has to just bow to the legal paper writeup from USA.

    Phase wise deal is derived from strong points of abuse by China and hit the dragons eye's and dragon has given horn's and the broken horn popped up, but it's eye's aren't given to resurface. Hit dragons eye's.

    The Prince Charm always hit's 🗡🛡dragons eye when rescuing the Princess gal.

  16. China cannot block international waters and maritime routes of USA. China has NO power neither authority against USA. It's a stupid response. I say it's foolish.

  17. I dont know who that asian guy is but he looks like winnie the pooh

  18. It's called the American Dream,because you have to be asleep to believe it

  19. The most unqualified misleading uninformed vile excuse for an economist.
    Abominable administration.
    Proverbs 6.12-19

  20. Communist China should never be trusted, stop all trade with China.

  21. China's going take there business elsewhere if we keep imposing tariffs which I hope they do and I hope they implement stricter tariffs on our goods especially agricultural since that them main one along with steel China doesn't need us as much as we need them if chinas smart call in the dept all at once that through the economy into a tailspin which if anything will hurt the united states economy and standing in the world I think the united states need to fallow suit of the former Soviet union and collapse

  22. China will never change voluntarily when China continues to be an autocracy country.

  23. Never trust China. Hey, globalist companies that don’t care about the well being of the country and people here that made your company rich, MOVE YOUR MANUFACTURING OUT OF CHINA!!! stop producing in a communist country. Stupid!

  24. USA deficit with represente 2.97% of China GDP. They really depend on USA.!!

  25. I believe who hold the deal with China is who have a business with China ( money)and don't care about our country .

  26. Fox promotes Usury and multiculturalism if it comes here legally

  27. Trump can’t make deals with anybody ! sorry America your on your own now ! good luck suckers a con man sold you the swamp .

  28. they will never agree till u declare war on them…its simple

  29. Come on Varney….. your as bad as Maria about getting a trade deal. you think Wilber can read Chinese minds ?????

  30. China is a waste of time! North Korea is a waste of time! Iran is a waste of time! The Taliban is a waste of time! Please prove me wrong!

  31. I'm against ever trading with china anymore……. bring those companies home !!!!!!

  32. President Xi is playing Donald and his cronies for the fools they are. Sad.

  33. He is awake…..good for him….

  34. china will promise to buy agriculture within a one year horizon lol. which from december one year on will be out of the relection window so they can just wait out trump lol…

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