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Wildermuth smashes four sixes to keep good form going | KFC BBL|10

After hitting a century for Australia A against India, allrounder Jack Wildermuth hit a quick-fire 31 from 11 balls in a superb BBL cameo for Brisbane Heat


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  1. Hits a mile in the air🔥

  2. Thunder : 5 wickets gone and we can easily stop them scoring
    Wildermuth : Drink my muth 😂😂

  3. Why do they call him "Wuldermith" instead of "Wildermuth" such as 0:10

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  5. Only sixes😲😲😲 after a stunning century in practice match against india

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  8. Stiff not to get man of match. But who new Sam's could hit that we'll. Good things coming for Australian cricket.

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  10. Good player , Aus National Side Absolutely playing super player ❤😍🔥

  11. Great batting by wildermuth

  12. He is a very talented player I wish he came to Australian international team early

  13. So heartwarming to see such talented newbies. Watto left a big void in the team when he retired in 2015…future of allround spots look good. Hoping to see more bowlers with the callibre of Jhye in near future

  14. Toap class all-rounder willdermouth

  15. 3rd one was the best😍😍

  16. Wildermuth Sounds like voldermort

  17. Thunders: Lynn is out. Now no power hitters left. Come on boys! Clean them.
    Wildermuth: Hold my power-heated bat.

  18. Pls select for test match jack wildermuth … Good all rounder

  19. Within 2 days this man hits a hundred against India in warm-up and now this powerhitting

  20. Brilliant hit from wildermuth 😄😄😄

  21. 0:01, When you have PhD in hook shot.
    85% players will be failed to deposit that bouncer for a 6. But this man… Wow. He should come again in Aussie international side.

  22. He wasn't practicing to get chance in tests against India yesterday. Actually he was practicing for this cameo. 😂😂
    Anyway well played and deserves to get back in Aussie international side again.

  23. I think MELBOURNE RENEGADES did a great mistake by releasing him.

  24. Wildermuth is in supreme form after first class series against India. He deserves the entry again in Aussie international side.

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  26. Who is Watching after server down 😂😂 By the way I'm a Comedy video creator

  27. who are INDIANS on australian channel

  28. How yesterday he was in aus a team and now in bbl two matches 🤔

  29. Good to see ashish chanchlani hitting sixes❤️

  30. New superb all-rounder on the rise…💥🤟🏻🤟🏻🤟🏻💥

  31. He also scored 100 in aus vs Ind practise match

  32. Yaar ye akshay ka ads hum to pareshan ho liye

  33. Uploader : Australian
    Viewers : Indians 😎😎

  34. Brisbane lose only because of peirson and laughlin i don't why that peirson took that single because of that single 3 balls wasted and Laughlin i don't have words to speak about him i think he should retire from bbl

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