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Will young players step up, will lack of meaningful games hurt Dodgers in playoffs? | MLB WHIPAROUND

The Dodgers haven’t played a meaningful game lately and won’t again until October with a double-digit lead in the division standings. Will that, along with an infusion of youth, help or hurt L.A. in October?

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Will young players step up, will lack of meaningful games hurt Dodgers in playoffs? | MLB WHIPAROUND

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  1. Will the Dodgers win the World Series?

  2. Last year’s nlds wasn’t close at all. Game 1, dodgers win 6-0. Game 2, dodgers win 3-0. Game 3, Braves only win 6-5, and they almost blew the lead in the ninth with a runner on first and second with one out. Then game four, dodgers win 6-2. Braves didn’t almost get to game five, they barely made it to 4 games.

  3. So last years nlds was close? How do you See them as almost pushing game 5?…The Dodgers got Two shutouts then the Rookie got a little rocked in game 3 but Spanked in game 4… So where was the Close game pushing game 5?..Mr.J.P.Morosi?…Both way different Teams this year…

  4. I wish Dodgers make it to the WS this year so they can lose it back-to-back-to-back as the first MLB team ever 🙂

  5. Braves over the dodgers? That analyst is crazy

  6. There's no such thing as meaningless games when your team is competing for MLB's best record and home field advantage for the WS.

  7. That braves series wasn’t close last year. Braves are legit this year tho

  8. Same people who said Harper will be impact player for Phillies. Wrong again

  9. Media is a joke. You “analysts” don’t know anything about our team. We listened to you the last two years and what happened? We lost the World Series with darvish and machado. The two guys you wanted us to get. You’re a joke. We know our team, you don’t. We can win now and because of non trade, our window is even wider

  10. This Team is on a Mission! Let's go Dodgers!!!

  11. Glad as baseball analyst yall just dont look in their own Division Giants have been hotter than the Dodgers. Shoot SF is one of the scariest teams if they could get the starter help

  12. Whoever writes the titles for your YT videos failed English class hard. Pretty consistent with the awful titling.

  13. No one is beating the Astros this year

  14. Dodgers are gonna regret not trading for Vasquez when they lose their 3rd straight World Series

  15. should have a acquired vazquez. chances to win a ws don’t come around very often. injuries, players declining etc derail every team eventually.

  16. I’m glad the Dodgers didn’t give up there farm system players

  17. how do they have such a good farm system if they haven’t had high draft picks for like 7 years?

  18. I feel like Jimmie Johnson will get a win before the year is over.

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