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WINTER BASICS HAUL // & Other Stories + Reiss // Fashion Mumblr

WINTER BASICS HAUL & Try On from & Other Stories, Reiss and more!
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What I’m Wearing //

Chloé jumper: http://bit.ly/2DaoSjv
Earrings – http://bit.ly/2DmuyXH
Bracelet – http://bit.ly/2D4iQPO
Reiss Trousers – http://bit.ly/2U52nCh
Moss Green Reiss Trousers – http://bit.ly/2DkjASH

Featured //

Stories Patchwork knit: http://bit.ly/2TW0nvV
Thermals – http://bit.ly/2VYS30l
Stories Alpaca knit: http://bit.ly/2TNOQyB
Stories Cream roll neck: http://bit.ly/2D6Jucr
Stories White cropped knit: http://bit.ly/2DhD1v3
Stories Mock neck knit: http://bit.ly/2TZPyc3
Stories Bobble knit: http://bit.ly/2U0g1GF
Stories culottes: http://bit.ly/2Digmih
Stories Pink knit: http://bit.ly/2TTqZ0o
Stories Cashmere roll neck: http://bit.ly/2DhUjIB
Stories Beige knit: http://bit.ly/2QVmLob
Reiss coat: http://bit.ly/2TqKttj
Reiss dress: http://bit.ly/2TWtLSF
Reiss OTK boots: http://bit.ly/2DiLAFW

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  1. Hey josie what size are with coats 🧥 and jackets?

  2. hi josie can you share the sizes in your videos as you buy them since each brand has different sizing and it would be good to know when to order a size up or down

  3. love your style! <3 it would be really helpful if you said or wrote down below, what size you are being the pieces in.

  4. Oh yes & I can see all your gawjus selection of coats too 💕

  5. Hey with that cropped jumper you could layer over that pressed pink slip dress you have if you at concerned about showing your belly when you raise your arms

  6. #Fashion Mumblr hey! Thank you so much for this video. I really do look forward to and dare I say rely on your fashion perspective. Question: with the gorgeous white culottes, what is your view on a comfortable yet stylish winter/shoe to pair with them? I love a culotte with a sandle or heel showing a bit of skin but always feel frumpy when it comes to a winter match. Thoughts?

  7. As always, you're choices are amazing! Also, totally obsessed with those earrings haha =] <3

  8. I have a long beige coat with faux-fur (similar to one of yours) and every time I'm wearing it I feel very stylish and I think about you, Josie! If reading this you will ask yourself "Why?", well…the answer is simple: you inspired me so much in the last few months! I simply love your wardrobe and I buy a lot more clothes in neutral colors since I've discovered your YouTube channel. Many greetings from a Romanian fan currently living in Sicily, Italy! Keep up the great work you do! 👍

  9. I loved the cream pants with the brown sweater ! Am I crazy , I can't bring myself to wear white pants this time of year ! They look so nice on you & other women ! Just wish you would'v shown a shoe opt. for that outfit ! Love you & all the beautiful things you shared ; )

  10. I love your Chloe jumper. But it is out of my size and also quite pricey. Do you know of any brand that offers similar style at a more affordable price? Thanks Josie. Love your style and taste in color.

  11. love the basics! would be cool if you can do more affordable options haul too

  12. A "like Clicker" in the first minute of the video 🙂 I love your evolution. Question: when did you decide to add darker colors to your palette? Not the brown color wheel, but dark green and black? Forever my MUSE.. sending you love from Washington DC

  13. you really opened my eyes about & other stories! i never gave their clothes much thought until you featured them in an autumn haul and saw how beautiful the fits were. seeing you trying things on and showing how great materials and construction are makes such a big difference compared to website photos!

  14. Loved the cream mock neck jumper and green turtleneck sweater dress! Dusty pink, apricot, and brown look great on you. Colors that match your natural eyebrows, lips, and eye color are usually very flattering on women.

  15. I love that white cropped sweater. That is gorgeous on you! 🤗

  16. Can yoo suggest a more affordable version of your beautiful Chloe jumper?

  17. Woah Josie that is quite a collection of jumpers…maybe too many? Oh well you look great in all of them and I know it's part of your job. Love you! 💜✌

  18. your wonderful to listen to, new subscriber <3

  19. I am loving that dark green jumper dress!! I like the way you styled it too! If I had not used and already exceeded my spending budget/allotment for Winter shopping a couple of weeks ago (cashmere sales), that dress would be on its way!!

  20. I love that you wear mostly light colors – do you avoid wearing black? So much of my wardrobe is black and I'm trying to veer towards lighter colored clothing as my wardrobe staples. Any advice?

  21. You’re precious! Love your style.

  22. Love your style really wish I could wear most of these items however I am unfortunately too pale and it washes me out xx

  23. Such a great haul, Josie! I love seeing your winter basics. Wonderful choices and great for styling some gorgeous, versatile outfits!!! ✨✨ Knitwear is my most favourite in the winter time. I can't get enough!!!! I've got my eye on some pieces you've shown now 🙈🙈☺️☺️💕💕

  24. Beautiful pieces love them all. Sad that Other stories don’t ship to India. 😭

  25. Thank you for the lovely videos. I have been enjoying this winter season a lot more now because of your inspirational outfits and really helpful ideas! 🙂

  26. Everything looks good on you. How tall are you?

  27. I really like your style but the colors are bit repetitive i like wearing different colors not only pink beige and white : / but really gorgeous items you pick : )

  28. OMG I picked up this beautiful Reiss dress in black just few days before Christmas and I remember I thought: " Maybe Josie is going to choose this piece too!" And I was right! Love all these pieces.

  29. Hiya just a tip if your over the knee boots keep coming down use body tape on the top off the boot and stick it to your leg 😊

  30. Hi Josie , loved all the winter knits .. & other stories . I’m a 6-8 do there sizes come up true to size ? Thank you .. have a lovely day .👯X

  31. Just wondering have u seen a jumper to match the red resiss skirt

  32. Josie, I’d love to see a video about your favourite jean brands/styles and general recommendations. I can never seem to find ones that work and yours are always perfect to style with loads of things!

  33. Love the collection. Everything is so wearable. Glad the sage green is coming in this year. Love the colour. I might think about investing in a pair of Reiss trousers xx

  34. Hi Josie!! Thanks for taking us along on yoyr fun journey with Freddy in the Alps!!! Loved it!!! Question, I am looking to invest in a vlogging camera, which would you suggest if you could only pick one…the canon or olympus that you had mentioned a couple times in your video?! Many Thanks, from America!🇺🇸

  35. The sweater you are wearing flatters you the most.

  36. Hi Josie! I finally made a purchase from River Island, after watching you try on so many beautiful, classy pieces. I'm in the states and had to return a few items and the shipping was $68😖! Any tips on international shipping or any recommendations for stores similar to River Island located here in the US?

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