Thursday , August 11 2022

With Abortion Overturned, What Else Is Next?

The Supreme Court’s five-member majority said 50 years of abortion rulings, starting with Roe, should be overturned as it isn’t “deeply rooted in this nation’s history and tradition,” according to Justice Alito. But this ruling has brought more questions like what could be next? Many worry about what will happen to birth control or same-sex marriage; as Justice Thomas mentioned, they should also be re-examined. Though revoking same-sex marriage is unlikely as there aren’t nationwide moments formed to oppose it, there is nothing to prevent the future court from striking it down. » Subscribe to NBC News:
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#abortion #abortionrights #womensrights

With Abortion Overturned, What Else Is Next?


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  1. Abortion is not overturned.

  2. Do you hear that?
    It's the sound of a leftist dog whistle.

  3. When issues are brought to the supreme court’s concerning late term up to birth abortion what do you expect to happen push so hard there will be a outcome ?? Research stem cell express contracts with planned parenthood for baby parts and stem cells (( read between the lines

  4. This is purely sensational. One more way the overlords will divide you. Don't listen and think critically for yourself.

  5. Abortion wasn’t overturned it was left to the individual state! Media push division and spread fear that’s all there good for now.

  6. If Trumps TEENY PEENY got Stormy Daniels pregnant you better believe he'd be for abortion.

  7. when medieval mindset fanatics who should be in psychiatric asylum or in a prison for criminal psychopaths, become judges, society is bound to regress to stoneage.

  8. Might as well take the guns next

  9. Good men need to step up now and protect women from assault.

  10. 🇺🇸LIFE WINS!🇺🇸
    Return of States Right to We The People as originally intended.🖖👍

  11. Abortion is the process of tearing a fetus, crushing it, and removing it from the body for disposal. Is it a women's right?

  12. maybe Dems should focus on mental health issues for a while. Seems like then need that.

  13. Only beautiful and rich people will be allowed to have children?

  14. State mandated forced births doesn't seem like small government to me.

  15. Abortion is legal or illegal so it's up to me if I want to abort my baby or not.

  16. I'm so happy for all the little unborn babies.

  17. Why do they mind what we are doing to ourselves.

  18. Now all those kids can grow up without functional parents, be put up for adoption, and be destined to be on government assistance. Parents will be forced to pay child support for children they cannot raise and weren't ready to raise. You think all of the people who commit these horrendous crimes in todays day had two functional parents to be there for them with abortion laws? Its getting more and more ugly folks as time goes on

  19. Thank you Lord🙏for leading me to Dr Osaba on YouTube who was able to restore me & my husband back to life by curing me & my husband from HIV

  20. Justice Thomas is a black man who seduced and defiled a white woman. If we’re going back to constitutional precedent, there’s a standard punishment for that which is deeply rooted in the nation’s history and traditions. 🇺🇸

  21. No to contraceptives no to abortions no to homosexuality

  22. lots of mixed unwanted babies

  23. They may come for your right to throw molotov cocktails at police. 🙄

  24. I don't understand. Abortion isn't overturned. You can still get your abortions

  25. "With Abortion Overturned, What Else Is Next?"
    Oh the slippery slope is suddenly a valid argument again?

  26. States can’t even regulate guns but now abortions 💀?? ok wtf

  27. United States of America should be renamed Divided States of America. Best country in the world? I think not, not if your female anyway.

  28. In retaliation to the abortion ruling let's make Juneteenth two days.

  29. I personally will probably never visit the U.S.A. again given this & the most recent gun crime. This new knack for destroying human rights is disgusting. There are so many better countries to spend tourist dollars. What a sad joke. America will never be "Great Again".

  30. The 2000 MULES caused the Biden Administration. Now you have to pay the gas bill. Find out who they are..

  31. Calculating…🟥🟪⬜️🟦🟫🟨🟩⬛️🟧🟪Calculating…🟧🟩🟦🟪🟫🟨🟥⬜️⬛️🟪

  32. They made the right decision. Now maybe they can work to protect the 2nd Amendment.

  33. If women can opt out of being a parent then men should have the same right without being financially burdened for the next 20 years. Men shouldn't be forced to pay for something women ultimately can destroy.

  34. Obviously the Supreme Court are a bunch of idiots if they think this is going to work. How can you put up with plonkers like that?

  35. Next they will say it is the trans woman's right to birth. Throwing Mama Nature off balance. Men hate her in her wombs. They worship male gods. They are getting their creator.

  36. Well it was a black man & a white woman that also voted that women don't have rights to abortion now. Don't all of you have to respect their votes? Aren't all of you then racist bigots against the black man's decision? & then contradicting yourselves as women by not respecting the woman's decision?

  37. Women's rights? What is a woman????

  38. If you don't want no baby, don't be no ho, girl.

  39. Lol, the LGBT is next!

  40. Scary that laws are in the power of 8-9 people over 60 years old

  41. USA is the World Capital of Infant slaughter!