WNBA Star Brittney Griner Released From Russia In Prisoner Exchange

After nearly ten months, WNBA star Brittney Griner has been released by Russia in a prisoner swap with arms dealer Viktor Bout. NBC’s Andrea Mitchell and Peter Alexander report for TODAY.

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  1. I believe they’re lying to us it was a one for one deal but we chose griner, joe doesn’t want to admit that

  2. so much for "we don't negotiate with terrorists" but heres an idea lets trade a basketball player for a weapons dealer, pretty even trade if you ask me…smfh. bring back paul !

  3. No doubt she’ll get a movie deal for this

  4. 🇺🇲 Our idiotic President Bidden and Harris 🤪 such hypocrite! They earnestly tried so hard to set Brittney Griner FREE! Good job! 👍What about our military that is captive over there that fought for our country and for FREEDOM? Like to ask our mumbling Joe Biden and Harris did you honestly try as hard to get our military men home,? COURSE NOT, selfiness my God! So we trade a ARMS dealer Viktor Bout that hates United States of America has even publically stated that he would blow up the embassy when he is set free. But we trade a anxeria druggy black priveledge celebrity in swap!!! Who knows what this guy will do?! F*** Bidden, Harris and Griner. Reminds me of story in New Testament where Christ was over looked and was traded by killer named Barabbas! Same equivalent as leaving those to fight for our freedom but yet left behind! Good Job Bidden, your so called basketball player Grines is more than likely getting high right now!!! 💩 Such good trade and way to go to forget our service men you talk with a fork tongue with manure flowing out! Bidden and Harris needs to go back to sewer they once crawled out from💩💩!

  5. This is incredibly stupid and honestly disgusting, all because the Biden administration needs some good PR. Britney Griner doesn't deserve to even be called an American! We left the TRUE American, Paul in prison. How sad! #boycottWNBD #britneygrinersucks

  6. A trade for someone that doesn’t love her country! What a joke 😂

  7. This guy got a 9 year get out of jail card for nothing such BS

  8. She broke a law, Paul didn’t! Wtf.

  9. how is a pothead basketball player being traded for THE MERCHANT OF DEATH a diplomatic success? this is like trading an old prius for a brand new ferrari.

  10. that they get a Russian spy in return? and they say we dont have any? DO YOU REALLY THINK RUSSIA WOULDNT KNOW IF A SPY WAS DETAINED? 🤔

  11. I'm glad they brought her back. It was a good trade. It's a step in the right direction as it relates to how blacks have been discriminated and enslaved. Sure he was a drug dealer. But how many black lives have been killed in ruthless fashion just because they were black? It's relieving to see someone black be saved just because they are black.

  12. It's not about Paul or Her. All have to stop commuting crimes and hope for the government to do something. Spying or bringing drugs are serious crimes in another land.

  13. A basketball player for an arms dealer trade?! Reminds me of the spongebob episode where mr krabs sells spongebob’s soul for pennies 😂

  14. Now she's free to go smoke pot in China, Iran…

  15. Let's be real Paul is probably a spy from the CIA acting like a business man undercover…..he slipped up somewhere

  16. Wife not get justice lol….no one hurt her she hurt herself

  17. Now we can watch her get a silly medal at the whitehouse and hear her goulage sad stories on Jimmy Kimmel……such bs

  18. bring Paul home instead of this loser

  19. The hard truth, you as Americans has to teach your children good manners. The stupidity America encourage is a taboo in anotger man's country. Your children has to be trained good manners and to respect another country's laws. We see similar siliness at the Canada-American border. If you failed to respect another man's land, this is the result, poor negotiation and Amwrica will loose. Period.

  20. America, where we will do anything possible for a criminal of minority decent, and nothing for a lawful white American whom served our country… when will the racism toward white people end in this country.