Monday , November 30 2020
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Woman boarded Delta flight without boarding pass, ID

FOX Business’ Todd Piro reports on a woman prompting an evacuation after getting on a Delta Airlines flight without a ticket or proper identification.

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  1. When Democrats connect this woman to Donald Trump using 6 degrees of Kevin Bacon, they will surely see reason for impeachment…

  2. That's not the story.
    The story is a MORON boarded a Delta flight without a boarding pass or I.D.
    Imagine if someone with half a brain and ill intent was as brazen.

  3. Looks like Delta is on top of things. Outstanding job there Delta.

  4. Wait whatever happened to "Believe Women?" That photo on here phone should have been enough

  5. Did everyone see that mob of ineffectual TSA morons, just bumbling around like a flock of mindless chickens. My goodness, and there was something like fifteen to twenty just in the camera frame (for one woman).

  6. Thank god it wasn't the southern border, that would be a threat to democracy or something.

  7. And of course, the media doesn’t show her picture because she’s black.

  8. Makes it sound like she got up and left. Hope they arrested her and questioned her intensely on how she gain unauthorized entry. Crazy how law enforcement is hands off these days sad!

  9. It’s racist to ask people for ID shouldn’t the activists be protesting Delta Airlines. Abolish TSA

  10. Good she got on a plane without getting felt up by security.

  11. I'm confused…you have to show your boarding pass in order to board…check the ones who let her on.

  12. They'll blame it on Trump 😁

  13. This makes me mad, all the while we get molested by TSA before boarding the airplane

  14. OMG all the comments are so political. We are truly reliving the sixties. smh

  15. Great…the FBI is on the case.
    Who will they try to frame for this one.

  16. too bad the story will stop here & we will not find out who she is, what she was doing, why she sneaked onto the plane, etc.

  17. Has something in common with the woman who entered Lion's enclosure in New York besides ignorance. Research other videos and discover what it is.

  18. She is a Xman that can teleport and she really wanted to sit in that seat.

  19. if it's a government run programs that failed, the answer will always be privatized !

  20. GReat. Got my tickets really cheap with DELTA. Hopefully they will clean their act up now just in time for my Christmas trip!!

  21. You should never, EVER be allowed to pass a TSA checkpoint without presentation of a valid photo ID and ticket. TSA security failed and dropped the ball. They claim she had been screened. OK, how did you identify her, since she did not have an ID or ticket on her person? First failure. What if this had been a terror attempt (fortunately it wasn't). The second failure was Delta airside employees who allowed her to pass unchallenged and board the plane, no ticket, no ID requested and no boarding pass. Probably an older lady unfamiliar with procedures, the passenger who actually had the seat in question said she overheard her say she left her ID at home, she doesn't drive. Probably stranded in Orlando with no way home to Atlanta and trying to get home. Sorry for your situation, but not an excuse for compliance with security and travel procedures. Too bad now she has become a public spectacle for her disobedience/ignorance

  22. People better be FIRED for this. Please follow thru and update us on this..

  23. How does a buck assed naked man get past TSA at Birmingham Shuttlesworth and gets arrested on the tarmac after passengers boarding a Delta Atlanta flight report him wandering around outside the plane? Happened just last week.

  24. I get the feeling a white male would have been tackled on the Jetway…

  25. She will sue the airline and get about 40 million for discrimination

  26. "I'm sorry ma'am but the Facebook photo on your phone isn't ID. You can't go on this flight, however, you can legally vote in California."

  27. Bet she was a test to see if she could and whatr would happen. Were is she now. Hell you go to jail in this town everyone knows about you. So who was she if not a plant that got all the way on the aircraft.

  28. How did she pass all those workers before getting on the plane? You know something is dangerously wrong when that lady didn't have legal ID or plane ticket. She could have been a terrorist! Next time…someone better take her down and lock her up! You can't do stuff like that unless there is something really wrong with that woman's intentions on that plane!!!

  29. Was This Woman's name Hillary Clinton????

  30. TSA :
    Children Cupped- Millions
    Grannies Groped – Millions
    Women Wombled – Millions
    Men Molested – Millions
    Items Stolen – Tens of Thousands
    Terrorist Plots Discovered – 0

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