Monday , August 2 2021
Home / News / Woman Saves Dozens Of Abandoned Dogs In The Bahamas After Hurricane Dorian | NBC Nightly News

Woman Saves Dozens Of Abandoned Dogs In The Bahamas After Hurricane Dorian | NBC Nightly News

Chella Phillips posted on Facebook: “97 dogs are inside my house and 79 of them are in my master bedroom.”
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Woman Saves Dozens Of Abandoned Dogs In The Bahamas After Hurricane Dorian | NBC Nightly News


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  1. Obviously that woman is into beasteology! Go get em girl $$$ 😂

  2. What a phenomenal women, my gosh this touched my heart…🐾🙏🏾🐕 I Hope and pray that they each find a loving furever home…

  3. does anyone know if she has a web page for her organization? i'd like to learn more about her, but only see her facebook page.

  4. I want to know how did her home didn't get flooded? Was she on a hill? I just can't understand everyone's home is gone, how did her home managed to survive the catastrophe.

  5. Thank you for helping the abandoned dogs. You are very good person.

  6. Thank you girl! I’m sooooo grateful that people

  7. Wonderful person. Love it when NBC shows some good news! Shared on Face Book

  8. She is amazing, I saw this video where locals were rescuing people and they didn’t allow rescue pets, which broke my heart. ALL LIVE MATTERS. Hopefully all those dogs find homes forever and don’t have to suffer abandoned anymore. Thanks Cheila

  9. Necesitamos más gente asi, en este Mundo de mierda

  10. Its people like you that make me proud to be human. God bless you for what you have done.

  11. Poor 🐱 cats …probally passed away! At least some of the puppies are safe!

  12. That is love pure and simple. That is a beautiful woman .my hart goes out to her. I'm praying for you. And the puppies. I hope you are safe.

  13. You can donate at FundRazr and Ms. Phillips manages the page it's already over 100,000 and counting.  I made sure my dog donated.  We encourage you to do the same.  A lot of mouths to feed.

  14. THIS WOMEN IS A SAINT, to reach out and save these vulnerable, and obviously frightened animals. I wish much good to come to her.

  15. Tim Aylen mentioned he wasn't able to get other people's dogs as rescue was of course focused on people. One he said was clinging to a fence. Please do a follow up on both

  16. Why she didn't take any people in what life is more important black people were slaves point blank

  17. A beautiful woman with a beautiful heart. Thank you, Chella!

  18. They can be used to feed starving children

  19. If she was able to find this many in such a short period of time, just imagine how many have not been found. Also think about this. Now that the storm has decimated this island nation, the people there are going to be needing food and other supplies. Just look at what a rich source of protein these stray animals could provide to those needy people. Both dogs and cats are so much easier to raise than many other animals that people eat today. This is a rich source of protein is being overlooked almost the world over. Think about it folks.

  20. The government needs to help her food for those dogs.

  21. Amazing human being, THANK YOU for that beautiful act! Millions of blessings to you! ❤️✨✨✨✨✨

  22. THANK YOU for your effort, your space, your time, & your compassion for the lost, abandoned, hurt, hungry, & terrified animals in Dorian’s wake. I wish the best to you and your growing pack. Sending much love from the fur-parents and our pack of 5 from Ohio!

  23. Is she single? I want to marry her and adopt all her dogs too!

  24. This is what we should be doing taking care of the animals, and earth as well. We are the care takers here we really don't own anything those dogs could even turn on her.

  25. She sure got a lot of donations, and I can't get donations for help with a severe autistic child.

  26. Amazing none of them bite her, but dogs are smarter than people think. Just proof they knew the storm was coming.

  27. She is sleeping with lots of dogs. just kidding

  28. Wow this is incredible. Shes has an amazing heart. She is pretty too! Lol

  29. ‘The worst of Mother Nature forced them out, the best of human nature took them in…’

    What a great statement!

  30. We need a lot more women like her! I would've done the same thing.

  31. This woman is a true angel……God bless you !!!1

  32. Gracias….Dios te bendiga….eres su ángel! !!

  33. First of all, bravo to this woman for saving whatever lives she could for the time being. Second, why are people, but Americans especially, so attached to false dichotomies as a way to passive aggressively criticize people? It's such a disservice to say that we have to choose between animals and humans in our acts of valor. Or between Americans and non-Americans. Or between poor people who are citizens and poor people who are not. Guess what? We are Americans. We can help everyone, everything!

  34. What's on a tree? "Bark" .. What's on a house "Roof" .. What's sandpaper like "Ruff"

  35. This is a very good lady !!!

  36. Bless your heart young lady ❤️❤️ & Thank you

  37. who's the peice of crap that would give this a thumb down

  38. I'll never understand people who build homes in hurricane country and then are surprised when a hurricane hits…

  39. Many of these animals were abandoned by their owners who should not get them back. Heartless. She deserves 💸 , hope she gets it.

  40. I LOVE HER! Chella … will you marry me? 😎

  41. God bless her and those dogs.

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