Woman spends months trying to get father’s COVID-19 death reclassified | ABCNL

Kerri Raissian recounts the long struggle to have her father’s death reclassified as a COVID-19 death so her family could be reimbursed by FEMA.

#FEMA #covid #kerriraissian #reimbursement

Original source (ABC/Youtube)

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  1. sorry her father died, but he died from a heart attack, now she wants money, this is all about money. older folks die from the same thing with the flu, but they get nothing, now she wants money because her father died of a heart attack, sad. this country is so fucked up, thanks brandon

  2. Lmfao thanks Biden.

  3. Moral of the story DO NOT TAKE YOUR OLD FYING PARENTS to a hospital. Death House. Both my parent died at home in THEIR beds surrounded by family not strangers. I'm going to go the same way. Not with tubes feeding me and taking pissing out of me.

  4. This happened to me too. I had to take my mom to the hospital for something that was not related to COVID. She was there for 1 week. Two weeks after she was discharged I had to take her back. They told us she was positive for covid. She spent months in the hospital intubated. They released her on hospice and she passed around 5-6 months after she was first diagnosed. The doctor tried really hard to convince me to “pull the plug”. He said COVID “really f****d her up”. One of them even yelled at me. Whoever signed or wrote the death certificate put “heart attack” as well. If it wasn’t for COVID, my mom would have still been with me.

  5. Candidate Biden in 2020: I will end this.

    President Biden in 2021: There is no federal solution.

  6. Now i know your news station has not called the DR office
    This just more misleading news lies

  7. I’ve had COVID 5 times.
    I took 1000 mg vitamin c a day sometimes 2000 / a packet of emergency is 1000 mg you can just drink two a day. Knocked it out every time. 1 aspirin a day to avoid heart attack

  8. Most expensive healthcare in the world yet they can't even correctly figure out what people die from 🤷

  9. My grandpa lost his life from covid-19. The stupid funeral home ruined the death certificate by messing up his birthday horrible funeral home they also messed up on other stuff at the service as well. The death certificate error will take 2 months because the state is fixing it. FEMA gives you only 3 months. So these dumb heads AKA Rivera Funeral Home in McAllen Tx better learn from this because none of my family will ever be having a service there.

  10. La légende de mikujava.Monster snowquen's est mon idole. C'est la personne que j'aspire à êtrer, c'est ma lumière du jour

  11. Another government boondoggle of giving away tax money for something individuals and families should rightfully bear. Oh, why doesn’t the government pay for my college and wedding too? That’d be great! 😅😅🤦‍♂️

  12. This is exactly why we’ve definitely had more then 1mil Americans die of Covid. All the people who die from Covid destroying their heart or other organs are NOT counted.

  13. usa can give everyone medicare+lower inflation so wages regain value but need to punish all those whom what to stay in Syria


    current ukraine gov not so innocent since they bomb 7 years donbass

    they came in to power by cia shoot at protestors and guards to hide behind protestors shoot at guards plus obama did red line, all so hunter biden get even cheaper oil invest by deplete some of overall population


    wesley clark reveal 2000 to 2012 all rig for kill iraq to syria


    dnc kill 50 in vegas/portland, thugs attack with stand down cops san jose/charlotte, burn loot several months, sabotage afgan withdraw using russia bounty smear to give taliban equip


    everyone remember nbc threaten follow jury with later to use thought police thugs? they gave protest t- shirts to san quan mayor puerto rico to lie about never receive hurricane maria aid



    dnc destroy cali prop187 and create daca=south america stay cheaper than normal for outsource by throw away portion of their population for usa to take care of.

    developing status=dnc shameless give double standard climate change regulations to non western