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WORKOUT OUTFITS HAUL + My Fitness Routine // Fashion Mumblr

WORKOUT OUTFITS HAUL + My Fitness Routine //
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Shop the Sweaty Betty Haul : https://bit.ly/31Uo9wX
White Floral Dress – http://bit.ly/2ZzIaXE
Thermomix : https://bit.ly/2XFcmnj
MY TAN ROUTINE : https://youtu.be/EkvPDxeUFTg

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PLANNING SPRING OUTFITS – https://bit.ly/2XRdu4o

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DESIGNER DUPES 2019 – https://bit.ly/2UynL38


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  1. I am spending my day with you. I am enjoying the vlogs. Thank you for all the amazing ideas and tips.

  2. Hi Josie, I would like to know where that beautifull dress from is that white wit pink flowers and pompoms in the background ? Xx

  3. Hi Josie! Do you have any suggestions on good mats for Pilates?

  4. Skyfall, one of my all-time favourite movies 👍🏻

  5. I loved this video, seeing you prepare healthy meals and follow you to the gym 🧘🏼‍♂️💪🏼 🧡

  6. From where are the trainers that you wore at the Pilates class

  7. Love your videos Josie. Amazing and femenine sense of style, you are a queen. Greetings from Guadalajara, México 🇲🇽❤️.

  8. You are very natural and very friendly I like your program a lot of news from fashion 🥰

  9. Love the video, where are your white trainers from ?

  10. What eye shadow are you wearing?

  11. Loved this vlog – healthy eating ideas & fitness routines – always a favourite for me 💝
    Thank you ! 😘 xx

  12. Are you aware that almost everything you wear is plastic? And even worse, micro fibres that ends up in our waters and in us. Even expensive pieces from Reiss are often 100% polyester! It's easy to avoid nowadays. When it comes to sports gear, the only material I have found that's both very functional and natural is merino! It's actually even better than the traditional materials. It feels fresh against the skin, is breathable and doesn't smell, you don't even have to wash it after every workout. Buy less and buy long-lasting quality that's better for you (they add so many chemicals to clothes) and the environment. (The world's best marking is GOTS, but that's still hard to find. Oeko-Tex means that they've cut out the worst chemicals. Don't trust claims about products being green, they have to have a certified marking. Bamboo for example isn't as good as it sounds.)

  13. Great video as usual and they are never too long! Are you ever going to do a "clean out and organize your attic" series?

  14. I never really comment on videos, neither do I hate, but I thought that maybe my comment would help you a little, give you some perspective and something to think about next time. This is what I personally started to see on your chanel and it is only some advice I’m giving you. I think that you’re kind of overworking yourself with the videos. Having a favorite youtuber and waiting for content is amazing, but after some time when it’s too much it just becomes tiring and you just kind of have enough of watching the same thing all the time. I feel like some time ago you would post less videos in a week comparing to what is now. I used to wait until your video came up and I was always so excited to see the new content, a brand new video of yours. It just used to be so thrilling to wait for something at the end of the day and see all your great work, your new ideas that you came up with. But now, there is definitely too many videos. In my opinion you should upload less videos in a week. As you usually say it’s the quality not the quantity. Less is better.
    I mean it’s not like people care much, they have probably hundreds of other youtubers their subscribed to. 
    And again, this is just my personal opinion.

  15. Josie I'm so obsessed with you right now! You've inspired me to finally upload my first video! It's something I've wanted to do for years but I finally did it! I'm really nervous so if anyone wants to show me some love and check it out and I'll do the same for you! xoxo

  16. Loved this video! Thank you for sharing Josie – I've decided to treat myself to some new activewear and hopefully it'll inspire me to exercise, hehehe! Also, love these recipes, they all look delicious… I was just wondering if you'll be posting the recipes? Thanks lovely x
    Daisy xox | https://daisychaindaydreamsblog.wordpress.com/

  17. "Lazy" Josie? Not a word I would use to describe you🌺… The consistent workouts alone speaks to your discipline… Let's all practice speaking positivity/positively 🌻🏵️🌼🌄

  18. loved this video everything mixed have a lovely day ( Judy )

  19. What was the receipt for the energy bars you used? I want to make them too!

  20. Josie… That dress hanging up in the background behind you is the same as seen on NY Housewives show. That is stunning. What brand is that?

  21. Hi, can you please write the recipes of what you made in the video?

  22. who else thinks shes a queen?!

    ps im a youtuber too ❤️

  23. Josie, I love that pink and white dress behind you where is from?!
    Could you please make a video talking about it?

  24. Simply gorgeous lady ….love you Josie from Cheltenham xxx

  25. You didn’t loan the Dior book tote, you borrowed it.

  26. Your vlogs are the bests, love you 😘

  27. Can you share where your trainers are from? Love them!😍

  28. Love your vlogs🥰🥰🥰🥰. Can't wait for more 🙈🙈💥🙈💥💥🥰❣

  29. I love how eco conscious you are and how you integrate this in to your daily life

  30. Bless your babies barking in the background, my mini black n tan long haired dach has just crossed the rainbow bridge at the age of 16.5 years old. 😫😖😖 Watching you always make me feel better, ur motivation, ur fitness, ur cooking, ur beautiful unique in fashion n beauty, ur love towards your babies makes you so special in this world, please keep going n inspire us ❤️❤️❤️

  31. Loved this video,thanks. And your such a lovely thoughtful friend with great gift choices. Takecare Charlie only got one back love from NZ mwah mwah mwah

  32. You look AMAZING with and without makeup!!

  33. Your vlogs are my favorite! Can’t wait to see the bonus vlog this week! 💕

  34. Loved this Josie, such a great idea for the bulked goods, I have so many dust bags and was looking for ideas for exactly that. Have you heard of bees wax wraps over there? A great alternative to cling wrap for covering plates, wrapping snacks etc, you just hand wash them, its fabric covered in bees wax. 💕

  35. Make a video of workout with bands please!!!

  36. Thank you for sharing and the idea of using dust bags for shopping.

  37. Thank you for sharing and the idea of using dust bags for shopping.

  38. Please don't ever apologise for your long vlogs! I absolutely love them. Feels like 30 minutes spent with a friend!

  39. I always watch your videos while I'm working out so when you do workout vlogs it motivates me even more. Love your videos and love your style ❤

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