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Wreath-laying ceremony at Arlington National Cemetery

Newly inaugurated President Joe Biden and former presidents lay a wreath at the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier.

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  1. Finally! A decent comment section. The other comment sections from the other videos made me lose brain cells.

  2. president Joe Biden and Kamala Harris was Chosen to Change the Atmosphere, this is the day Democracy pick itself up new season, the world was watching American Making History President Obama ,President Clinton , and President George Bush it's about making America number one again, when presidential Joe Biden need help in the future Call on three Musketeer advisor, it takes a village to raise an army 2nd Chronicles 22;10 -27 God bless America again (

  3. Is it true that he went to the cemetery to thank his voters?

  4. excited for the future under the new administration ❣️

  5. God damn it…..forgot the damn Space Force is a thing.

  6. Happy new year y'all ,Please repent because Jesus is coming soon.

    Like so more people can see this.

  7. Christie had his head up Trumps ass for 4 yrs…

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  9. It's trump loss that he didn't want to be in there with all the presidents. Oh wait, he did lose😂

  10. Hopefully Trump will never be a part of this device and may he never have the honor of being buried their. My grandparents and my father and my uncle are all buried there in a crypt. My uncle wanted to be in the ground but that would have meant that he could not be with his brother. Trump in his four years ruined this country ruined his future and killed so many in this pandemic. After this day may we look forward and not speak his name unless it’s in an arrest. May we move forward to better times and repair the damage.

  11. Is the wreath laying and having former presidents there a normal thing for the inauguration??

  12. Brought back memories for me. Arlington Cemetry is hallowed ground.


  14. Frankly, I'm sick of these military rituals. They mean little to nothing when we have the most murderous government on this planet.

  15. Has Joe died of old age yet?

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