Xi in Russia; TikTok’s CEO testifies; Trump calls for protests: ‘Whirlwind of a week’ ahead

On Meet the Press, Chuck Todd foreshadows the week ahead as Russian President Putin will host Chinese President Xi Jinping in Moscow, TikTok’s CEO will testify on the Hill, and former President Trump calls on protests ahead of an expected indictment.

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  1. Man talk about loaded biased language lol. I think media across the world is nothing but propaganda. It’s bs. If u watch the news and think u know what’s up, u are a fool

  2. There is no labor shortage. There are no jobs for people. Fake news.

  3. Putin has been a total disappointment to Xi, and Xi will no longer be humiliated by an association with Russian Military impotence. Xi needs to focus on a real conquest, Taiwan. Ukraine is irrelevant and embarrassing right now. Russia can come back for Ukraine in 20 years time, after China teaches them how to actually fight..

  4. Best thing tic tok did was buy all those seats at his rally then didnt show up ,hahahaha

  5. Trump◇neutered◇ChuckFraud°

  6. Day 142: Elon lost 200 billion from Twitter and Tesla's were recalled as unsafe. Elon lied about replacing himself as CEO. Most apps require sign on profiles and track user history so why are US Lawmakers banning Tik Tok? Twitter and Facebook are the biggest drivers of hate speech and user tracking. Parents accuse Snapchat messaging of enabling drug dealers but that's an American company so let's get back to blaming Tik Tok. American Amazon facial recognition, nah let's blame the Chinese again. Do they think blaming others will hide the truth?

  7. I hope they banned TikTok in the US. It is horrible. Get rid of it.

  8. This ain’t about me as much as it is about the Christ but though I didn’t know how I brought about Covid wished for something like it. Did it through persistent prayer to the Christ the one and only God. Seed was planted while watching a vice documentary about Chinese who eat dogs out of need. I would say my bad but in a world full of so many messed up people 7 million more can die and I won’t feel like I dropped a penny. Pretty much everyone I know is corrupt so feel free to turn it up father Christ. I’m not Jesus but I’m infinitely more powerful than white Jesus😘

  9. Remember folks, the only people allowed to protest, riot, loot, burn down communities are Democrats. If you are other than a Democrat/Liberal, you will be persecuted and possibly prosecuted for even speaking of it.

  10. Trump for president Biden for a tree and rope

  11. Luckily I don't have tiktok, because there are many elderly people, children, everyone is going crazy because of tiktok 😁😁😅

  12. Let the party go crazier

  13. Chuck Todd lost his brain decades ago. He can't even read the script correctly.

  14. Lock up Trump. Orange man bad.

  15. i wont miss tiktok. please save us from tiktok lol

  16. who's more important putin or trump as of now? liquidity crisis is going to break the financial system https://youtu.be/VfaAyz8I78c

  17. No one cares about working anymore the Government pay everyone that what they want anyway only ones will work is the one coming to or Country

  18. Go take them out now how they think they safe

  19. Is Chuck Todd’s NBC parking permit and Executive restroom privileges suspended for calling the banking crash being “Democrat ATM banks”?

  20. I’m laughing thinking about how I was told by my kooky democrat friends and family that “Trump” elected president would “crash banking and the economy, enrich OPEC, cause inflation, and create WW3”.. Biden doing all of above..

  21. Anniversary of the illegal invasion of Iraq.

  22. & the cartels are killing Americans!

  23. ' Russia is in desperate need of munitions ' Ya, well, Ukraine is in an even worst position…also the difference is that Russia has allies that can in fact provide those munitions, while Ukraine has allies that are already running out of munitions themselves…

  24. Trump should be charged with getting the law inforcement officer's killed

  25. Just repeal all the crap Trump did, I thought thats what was supposed to happen