Saturday , July 31 2021
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Yang Breaks Down After Mother Tells Of Child Killed By Stray Bullet | NBC News

While participating in a gun laws forum in Iowa, 2020 presidential candidate Andrew Yang broke down in tears after an attendee told the story of her daughter who was killed by a stray bullet while her other child witnessed the incident.» Subscribe to NBC News:
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Yang Breaks Down After Mother Tells Of Child Killed By Stray Bullet | NBC News


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  1. You could tell that he wasn't "trying" to feel the emotions and felt them naturally

  2. But y’all know America will elect Biden or Kamala or some other cookie cutter candidate anyways..,

  3. I’m not an American. But I just want to say that he cried exactly the way my Chinese father cries. Both not with much tears, but their expressions are exactly the same
    It’s like they don’t really want to cry, and are trying very hard suppressing it. Really like my father ha

  4. I saw this in another YouTube comment saying people were criticising him for ‘crying like a baby.’

    A reddit user reportedly said:

    “He cries like a Father”

    If he doesn’t win this election, I’m not sure what our future will truly hold.

  5. What's this? Human emotion? STATISTICS? someone better tell Yang that's not how politics work in this Toxic country

  6. Yang paints a picture of a beautiful possible future. Doesn’t get stuck on all of the problems that face us but focuses on really thoughtful and innovated solutions.

  7. what does a "personalized gun" mean? im still confused by that

  8. America…it's time. It's time for you to finally ban guns.

  9. Beta Male! This man wants to be our commander in chief? Pppphhhhwwhwhwhhh

  10. Hes holding back a laugh at the start

  11. Yeah I'm sure these comments aren't being "curated". Laughable crocodile tears.

  12. The cries looked fake to me.

  13. I'm very much anti-gun control, but it's nice to see somebody who isn't a complete psychopath running for president

  14. How to take advantage of emotions to be elected… sorry Andrew, but fake crying won't work.

  15. Hmm not 1 tear, oh yea he's touched for sure. I've had a firearm around me since I've been able to know what a gun is & never been shot because I was taught correctly. The leading cause of teen deaths is by vehicles but you will never hear anyone talking about keeping teens out of vehicles.

  16. So fake! Imagining "it was one of them" so he could force himself to tear up.. Pathetic BETA MALE!

  17. A bunch of Yang npc’s in here

  18. Hey gang, bet you haven't seen Yang wielding a sword.

  19. I’ll vote for him if he gets it.

  20. Because he’s a normal human being, not like millions of Republicans.

  21. Not bought by NRA money. Voting for him.

  22. If Andrew Tang doesn’t win, maybe I should retire in another country.

  23. Hold on lemme pause (cries) then just explains his agenda like a robot

  24. here, a man shows his humanity. thank you, mr yang

  25. My president. Humanity for humanity.

  26. "4.6 million children live in homes with guns, hundreds get shot because of it every year"……Wait, so you just don't understand how statistically low that is ? How many children live in homes with cars, and how many die in car accidents every year? Probably a similar ratio, so should we ban cars too?

  27. What a stupid question. It’s the parents responsibility to keep their children safe. We always point the finger and never take responsibility. Start taking responsibility for your carelessness. Also Yang was trying to emotionally appeal to his audience by fake crying.

  28. El Paso Beto O’ fake crying and emotion vs real. That is the difference between a politician and a leader.

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