Thursday , January 20 2022
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Yellen, Chairman Powell to testify at Senate Banking Committee hearing

Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen and Federal Reserve Chairman Jerome Powell to testify at Senate Banking Committee hearing. #FOXBusiness

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  1. How is the chairman a senator… who the hell voted for this grouch

  2. Yellin is a nutcase that wants to tax US homeowners on unrealized capital gains if their home goes up in value, that could force retired people out of their homes

  3. Kinda ironic that he's talking about jobs moving over seas… it is literally because of the democrats that they are doing that. They tax them out of the wazoo and then put tons of regulations on them which forces them out. Also its great that we have tons of jobs… except for the fact that we have them cause a whole lot of people are refusing to work. We have a major labor shortage.

  4. The Republicans are doing the right thing by not signing this horrible bill. It is putting almost of the money into their new green deal, that has been proven we can't rely on wind alone. We will be back in the cave man days Climate change???! More hype to scare American people . The Socialist letters are so out of control on everything they touch. The upper leftist will be the only ones that profit. Ask Joe. He's been taking in millions along with all of the Bidens from China, Russia,, Ukraine, the list goes on and in. AND THEY KEEP GETTING AWAY WITH IT. LOOK AT THE CLINTONS. JOE HAD GOOD TEACHERS…THATS FOR SURE

  5. You lying, corrupt thieves need to throw some bones to our most vulnerable who are being hardest hit by Biden's failed policies….Seniors, the disabled, chronically ill, and veterans living only on monthly social security benefit program payments that are way, way below the poverty line, and on the SNAP program….they are dying to live….it's terribly sad, as no one in government looks at their ridiculous situation and help them.

  6. What world does Yellen live in??? For god's sake…so much lying within the first 2 paragraphs of her opening statement alone.

  7. Chairman Brown, take the diaper off your face when you speak FFS!

  8. Whear douse Police's parke Elickert cars

  9. Congress is out of touch, IRS doesn't want to know what you spent $600 bucks on, but where you got $600 bucks in the first place.

  10. 1:09:55

    sorry but… the irs and govt wouldnt need to concern themselves with the bits of taxes citizens may not be paying if they stop stuffing bills with so much 'pork' and allocated money to those 'critical investments' to make america more 'productive' and 'competitive', or directly to the irs to hire said auditors etc.

    you wouldnt need to take more of our money if you stopped blowing so much of what you already have. and you dont need to spy on all of the american peoples bank accounts because of a small portion of those who have 'opaque sources of income'.

    sounds like a crock to me.

  11. Sherrod Brown should be questioned not the way this is going down!

  12. Who evented the work week? Work 5 days and off 2…. 40 hours week…. That's what this Congress should be working on. Stuff like that. They should find a way to get the American worker 4 days off 3 and 32 hours but making more money than when we worked 40 hours. People would have more time to relax and more time with family, friends and love ones….

  13. Exactly how much of Tax payors money is going for open boarder illegal immigrants, including the unvetted Afghans? No to raising the debt ceiling, stop kicking the can down the road. No to continued resolution, No to any new Infrastructures. REMEMBER the last bill is not even paid for. Focus on how we going to fund 1 trillion for the next 10 years. Stop the SPENDING!! This is all going to be on the Democrats so think very very Cautiously, Because Republics and Moderates think NO..

  14. RUFKM… WE 'NEED' to have a'BLACK' (to show our 'diversity')… MLK is SHAKING HIS HEAD!!!


  16. Select based on their smarts not color. Geez we’re going to be a very stupid if we decide to pick black people just because.

  17. Buy gold & silver. Oh & bullets, lots of bullets!

  18. Check out Last flag standing on YouTube followed by the rest of his videos. Courts are closed : Russell- Gould:

  19. We are living beyond our means. Orr,.. "They," are squandering our Means.


  21. yellen answers to the rothchilds

  22. Under Obama Biden Reich thousands if American IT workers lost their jobs to the unlimited VISA holders the reich gave big tech and drove wages to lowest standard of living since 70s. Biden has promised big tech that he will give their VISA overstay citizenship for financing his campaign. This will push Americas children and grandchildren out of a field they are going into debt to educate for and will permanently suppress wages.

  23. I heard that since Taliban Biden has given so many humvees to the terrorist, that small toyoto truck sales plummeted dramatically!

  24. Biden didn’t create jobs the Democrats lead cities lifted the lock down and let people go back to work.

  25. Remember why you are here in this meeting, THE AMERICAN PEOPLE. SO THE TOPIC IS THE BUDGET NOT PARTY NOT RACE.

  26. I strongly disagree with the cares act I do not want to pay higher taxes and I want gasoline under $2 we've been working the entire pandemic while y'all lazy m********** lay at home and got checks I'm not paying higher taxes for lazy people

  27. This adminastration is clear cut china made and paid by.

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