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'Yes (Biden is) the legitimate president': House GOP Whip Steve Scalise | ABC News

Jon Karl interviews Rep. Steve Scalise, R-La., on “This Week.”

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Original source (ABC/Youtube)

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  1. Why do media let law makers get away with the lies in order to suoredd6the vote later

  2. When the US Supreme Court refuses to hear all election fraud cases brought to it by various parties on their merits, it only shows that it has been highly compromised or corrupted, together with the 3-letter agencies of the Executive Branch and the two houses of Congress, by the Deep State, the mainstream media, Big Tech oligarchs, the big international banks and multi-national corporations, and foreign governments (China, Iran, Germany, Spain, Italy and Serbia) that hijacked the November 3rd election to get rid of Pres. Trump, who stands in the way of the NWO globalists’ planned imposition of a tyrannical One World Government ruled by them. These NWO globalists installed the fraud president Joe Biden to further weaken our economy by reversing all that Pres. Trump had done; open the gates to illegal immigrants and refugees (despite 7.8 million Americans are still living in poverty) to cause chaos in our streets and put a heavy strain on our housing, schools, healthcare, hospitals, social services, and law enforcement; and cancel the Keystone XL Pipeline Project that killed the 11K or so high paying American jobs, undermining our energy independence. We need the US Military to take over NOW and bring back the government of the people, by the people, and for the people, strengthen our National Security, and protect and defend our Constitution and save our Republic from these treasonous Marxist forces hell bent on destroying this country.

  3. Trump was the illegitimate President.

  4. Steve should have pushed back on the slander and lie (but Dems are communists now and that's what they do!) that Trump did not denounce the riot at the capital on June 6th. He did, I read it myself and later in that day, I saw it myself. But Scalise was almost murdered by a Democrat, in cold blood, so he was "put in his place" so he's not going to be aggressive. That's also why he didn't say the obvious – since the rule of law was not followed and factual illegality in votes and ballot counting were found, we'll actually NEVER KNOW if Biden was legitimately elected. Now, the reason why CNN and all the other leftist stations keep asking that question (was Biden LEGITMATELY ELECTED?) is because THEY KNOW THE ELECTION WAS LIKELY NOT LEGITAMATE AND WANT TO MAKE SURE THE COVER-UP/FRAUD HAS TAKEN HOLD. I personally believe neither Trump nor Biden got to 270 electors which means it would've gone to a state by state vote, in which case Trump would've won as there's more Republican states than Democrat states. Also, just common sense and logic tells me that there's NO WAY 81 million people legitimately voted for Biden and I'll never believe it in a trillion years!

  5. doesn't make you feel trusting when a congressman says "failed state". I've had enough of this guy.

  6. Any idiot that graduated HS and faked being sick to stay home knows you don't learn well OUT of school. Biden is owned by so many interests including teachers union whose members are liking this new age. Stay home and get paid? Heck yeah! BTW, Biden ran on a lie (Many good people on both sides), was "elected" by fraud, and won't do a damn thing for the average "Joe" cuz he ain't your average "Joe". His pathetic 49yr record is proof.

  7. Biden is not a legitimate President and won a fraudulent election!

  8. Republican Twaddle from the Attempted Coup crowd. What is going to do about voter suppression?

  9. Louisiana kids are in school

  10. Do not let Louisiana get dominion machines…..fraud has to STOP

  11. When is hunter Biden going to prison

  12. God is NOT a Republican, BUT the DEVIL is definitely a DEMOCRAT!

  13. Why the devil do they have Scalise on the air? This guy is a scum bag and you will never get a straight answer out of him. He went to Florida to kiss Trump's posterior.

  14. Well Jonathan, I was down there in Florida to get down on my knees for Mr. Trump.

  15. Congressman, let us talk about your trip down to Mar A Lago. You went there to kiss the ring, or was that to lick the boot?

  16. This guy looks like a photograph from 1960 of a member of the John Birch Society.

  17. So Steve, do you believe that schools should be run at the local level or the federal level? Do you believe in limited government or not? Republicans are so darned good at double talk and circular logic. Scalise, what a hack!

  18. If the voters of this country want to see this country continue to slide down into the toilet, continue electing Republicans like Steve Scalise.

  19. The Republicans…..most of them……are scum and Steve Scalise, with this total bullsh*t is one of the worst.

  20. I cannot believe the absurd activist journalism here. It's shocking. First, defending the Biden administration over school closures, when if Trump did what Biden is doing he would be blamed for all of it and here is a journalist defending Biden. Then we move on to January 6 and it's the a Salem Witch inquiry where he's forcing Scalise to "confess." It's wholly bizarre. I say this as someone who voted for Biden.

  21. Biden DID NOT WIN.
    Antifa caused the violence
    at The Capitol on 1-6-21.
    COVID is a SCAM.

    Will Punish The Traitors.

  22. Actually, President Trump did denounce the rioters on January 6th in video posted on Twitter 5 minutes prior to being banned.

  23. I watched this interview Sunday morning on 2/20/21. He did not give a straightforward answer to any question. He must be running for re-election in 2022. He did not want to upset his State's voting base. Why are politicians afraid to give honest answers to questions that need an honest answer. This interview should be used by anyone running against him as a reason to have Scalise lose his seat in the Senate in 2022. Why can't they have a set of balls and answer the question in a way that it was meant to be answered instead of avoided the answer that every citizen in America knows is the correct answer. Just so they do not upset any of his party's base to get him re-elected. The private citizens in this country of both parties want a direct answer to the question. Not a response that doesn't answer the question in the way it was asked. Does every Politician in an office at every level of government think's his voting base is stupid?

  24. Politics is more important to him than our country, Robot

  25. But but but stupid abc guy . World saw impeachment 2 and trump got released so it’s obvious that trump was speaking the truth idiot

  26. This abc guy is idiot , did he watch impeachment 2 …..yes he condemns those ppl action

  27. what makes people think all these dead people voted for biden

  28. Scalise is a Trump Republican. You'll never get a straight answer out of this guy. Totally a partisan politician who lives for Trump and no one else.

  29. Back-paddling, obsequious LIAR!

  30. We need to get rid of many members of Congress. We Representatives who do what the people want not spread lies.

  31. The media and the courts DID NOT allow the American people to see any evidence regarding election fraud. That is fraudulent.

  32. After 60 years of massive lefty bullying, we English totally destroyed the left labour party of Britain. Any form of bullying is not right, so we took them to sword. …. America, STOP the Bullying !!

  33. So is his name spelled "S-C-A-L-I-S-E," or just "S-L-EE-Z-E?"

  34. Hey Trumpturds: How does it feel to be duped and swindled again by the most despicable Con-Man on the planet….Donald J. Trump?? He claimed massive voter fraud. He claimed rigged election. He claimed thousands of votes switched. And guess what??? When Gouhliani and his henchmen attorneys went to court, do you know how much evidence and proof they presented of this MASSIVE FRAUD?? NONE….ZERO….ZILCH….NADA!! Why? Because there wasn’t any. FACTS: There was NO voter fraud, there was NO rigged election, there was NO switched votes. It was all made up lies and conspiracy theories from YOUR Commander-in-GRIEF. FACT: YOUR Dotard LOST and Biden WON by a FAIR ELECTION. Dotard's own appointee, Chris Krebs, said this was the most secure election ever! So, 76,000 Americans say to you: GET OVER IT! And we say to Donald J. Trump: THE ONLY FRAUD IS YOU! GOODBYE AND GOOD RIDDANCE. I HOPE THE WHITE HOUSE DOORS SLAMMED YOUR ASS REAL HARD ON THE WAY OUT!!

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