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Yoga Weight Loss Challenge Workout 2, 25 Minute Yoga Meltdown Beginner & Intermediate Fat Burning

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Yoga Weight Loss Challenge Workout 2, 25 Minute Yoga Meltdown Beginner & Intermediate Fat Burning

In this Yoga workout video, Jen Hilman gives you a 30 minute workout which is a follow along beginners yoga for weight loss workout and shares a basic weight loss yoga class. This video will help you burn off tummy fat so that you lose weight and is a 25 minute weight loss challenge perfect for beginners and intermediate yogis.

Jen Hilman teaches classes in Austin, Texas.

Part 1 – Yoga Weight Loss Challenge Workout 2

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  1. Want more yoga? Check out Psychetruth Plus, 100's of videos not on youtube: http://www.psychetruthplus.com

  2. I enjoy doing this video !!
    It has helped with my core !!

    Thank you !

  3. I Love you SOOO Much Hen Hilman , and i Love your hair long 🎁🙏😘😘💖💖💖💞💕💞💗💗

  4. I've been following and participating for a long time. I have really benefited from your workouts. Pain in knees and shoulders are gone since starting your series. I finally wanted to thank you for the quality of your work and the great enthusiasm and support many of us feel through our screens (great comments). I have refrained from commenting because I didn't want to be a troll… your inspiration and enthusiasm have kept me working to your videos but I started because, to echo the comment(s) made below, you're drop dead gorgeous.

  5. Dear jen
    Thank you so much for the videos you have shared here. They have been so much help for me to keep my body strong in my 50 th . I had a bad back pain before and had consulted to my doctor . But the treatment didn't give me much help , didn't do any better to my back pain. But since I tried practising your video I have had my pain going better better and given me more confidence now. thank you so much. you are such a wonderful teacher.

  6. Loved it Jen i felt so better after this workout yoga

  7. this series with Jen has been my go-to for over two years now, I fall in and out of my yoga practice, unfortunately. but when I do come back to it I know I have these amazing videos to welcome me back. just a genuine thank you. also, I feel stronger the next day after doing one of these.

  8. Said it once, I'll say it again, Jen you are an ANGEL

  9. Thank you for another great yoga flow… Oh, keep you hair long 🙂

  10. I love this challenge. There are so many to choose from. You give good direction and description, I don't have to constantly look at the screen. And the motivational things you say have a big impact. Amazing!

  11. I am kiran from India your fan ….you have very sharp facial features so you shoul keep long hair long hair enhance beauty and you are very beautiful be more with long hair

  12. Really great workout! Keep your hair how ever you want it.

  13. final leg raise is very difficult for me. but I am sure I will complete this challenge

  14. Hey hey, The best results that I have ever had was with Marks magic method (i found it on google) Without a doubt the most incredible diet that I have ever tried.

  15. here for yoga, not hair recommendations

  16. Has anybody lost weight with this challenge?

  17. Definitely a body-warmer! Thanks Jen…

  18. Big thank you to you, Jen!!
    2nd week is harder than the 1st one. om goodness my legs feel like burning.

  19. thank you so much for your yoga vedio,, its help a lot for me, god blesss

  20. So glad you're putting some intermediate workouts on PsycheTruth!!

  21. I enjoyed this flow and had burning in shoulder and arms during downward dog. Feel looser now.

  22. hi, Jen. Great videos. How often should I do yoga sequece in a week? should it be everyday?

  23. Hi. Do you do 1 for a week and then 2 for a week and so on? I'm trying to set a ritual and do the entire 5 weeks but feel a little unclear. Thanks!

  24. thank you so much for this video. i have been doing this for 4 consecutive days. YAY !!! feeling great and light.. Thanks again.

  25. I honestly have to say this, every yoga video I've been seeing I hear the women ask about their appearance. There's nothing wrong with any of YOU. Stop asking just to get likes and videos. I wish I had a nice figure like ya'lls. Yoga is about spirituality and always have been. It has to do with your soul and how you connect to it. Please don't submit to attention seeking nonsense. You are ALL beautiful with short hair, long hair, medium length. When you guys ask for comments, I've seen men objectify you more. Are the views really worth that much. I understand You tube pays but still, please don't objectify yourselves. I do have respect for Jen Hilman and all the others. I do workout to these and I will continue to. But please stay on task. Remember you are all already beautiful. Stay blessed and remember what yoga truly is. <3

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