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Yoga Weight Loss | Fat Burning Yoga Workout | Yoga For Life

We all want to lose weight and be fit and healthy, don’t we? But what do most of us do? We take a firm decision to exercise, which only withers as days pass by. The exercises we want to do are tough, the results take time, and this bogs us down.But, what if you can get slimmer a little faster and easily? This is where yoga comes into play. Watch this video for more.

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  1. Hello,
    I love yoga and went to a nearest gym studio to join a yoga program but unfortunately, they have only one session and that is from 1pm to 2pm, which is my working hour so I cannot join it… Will you please do a beginner yoga for people like me??? Please

  2. Kitne bar karne ka or kitne Dino bad fark najer ayega

  3. Kudhka pet ka motapa pehle kam karo.. fir doosron ko sikane chale aana …

  4. He is teaching wrong way of asan

  5. Girls standing behind performed much better than the yoga instructer.

  6. Sir please spondylosis ke exercise bataye

  7. Ek ek aasan ko kitni kitni baar karna hai

  8. Sir thai hips Nd tummy ki yoga bta Dy plz

  9. Sir. Mine. Pheleyogakarthidhi. ab muche.ambalicalhernniyakebemaaryhe.lsbemaryjanathakokyakyaaasanhe.pleasemuchejababdeejiye

  10. Excellent sir.well explained about the benefits .

  11. How many repetition each aanas should be done?

  12. ye sub aasan kitni dafa karna hooga

  13. Saso ka Lena our chodne ka niyam galat hai
    Jhukte samay saso ko chodna hota hai aur uthte samay saso ko barna rhta hai
    I am right

  14. Can u plz say how many days or months should I do

  15. Hi Isha di fat ko kam karne ke Laaj bataiye please Mai Kanpur se nehul

  16. Aik aasan kitni bar karna ha?

  17. this much yoga is not sufficient for weight loss…..who wanna do weight loss have to do yoga which will effect your stomach……

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