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York on IG report: Comey, officials 'meticulously' planned this

Washington Examiner chief correspondent Byron York on the inspector general’s report.

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  1. No not true, someone else had him do it

  2. But there is still no justice…
    Looks like Bill Barr is part of the swamp after all. That's unfortunate.
    What ever happened to liberty and justice for all?

  3. Lou, you and your guest must know Trump is so deep into Russian Oligarchs pockets, and they into his indiscretions, that you can't separate them with a tanker full of cold water.
    You hucksters must have something invested in the litter you hope they procreate. Who you gonna blame it on when they get dragged up in COURT in NY? Comey and the other Intel people were doing their job. Why don't you do yours and speak TRUTH.


  5. Xtheres got to be a purge of all the bad actors and prosecution for any and all crimes. Otherwise this country is doomed

  6. One question never asked, “WHO was the person(s) that planted the seed that started this whole mess?” Was it Hillary, was it Blumenthol, was it the three stooges, who was it? Or was it a group people from the DNC sitting around a table crying in their beer because Hillary lost and they wanted revenge?

  7. Lou Dobbs, at his very best. 👍👍👍👍👍

  8. Take down attempt of a president and what…..crickets. The state runs deep

  9. Makes you feel ashamed to be an American. Rich and powerful people can literally try and over throw the government. And what happens nothing they're not even embarrassed by it because they're shameless. Average person slips up you get hammered. I guess just isn't blind after all

  10. I
    you have Barr, and then you have a democrat IG. If they intend to let EVERYBODY walk with only a verbal chastising than somebody had better over turn the charges leveled against the victims of the Mueller investigation.

  11. This witch hunt goes all the way to the top. All the way to 44

  12. Comey's just another lying rat-puke! *FLUSH the SWAMP!! MAGA!!! ☺🇺🇸

  13. I DO think the bag men will get the shaft, maybe just like Epstein. But upper management, Barry, Hillary, Clapper , , , I doubt it.

  14. Comey's tracks thru this are too well muddied up with lawyers. Barr can't risk a shot that misses. The FISA Warrants fraud is like a wide open pasture where animals like Comey grazed over and over.
    THEN we'll see how well Barr can shoot.

  15. Aaaaannnnnd… zero people will be held accountable.


  17. Comey is laughing at Trump and Barr


  19. Let’s just handle it are selves

  20. Where’s my money? My tax money 💰?

  21. The legal lexus has a new legal term called the Comey level of justes !

  22. Comey needs to go to jail with a lot of his cronies! He’s a disgrace and a criminal!

  23. wow whats up with YORKS HAIR

  24. The plan was simple get so many agencies and people involved in the coup that no way dumb Americans can understand the crime

  25. If I were a president elect I would want the intelligence officers to inform me about a document that said I was visiting hookers, especially one that was 100 false, just so I could get my side of the story lined up.

    Nothing could have prevented that story from leaking. How it didn't leak prior to the election is amazing. If Clinton and her campaign were behind it….it certainly would have been in the NY Times two weeks prior to the election.

  26. Russian Collusion – in concert & Collusion —-Obamas , Clintons , Soros, DNC & other treasonous career corrupted democrats linked to the deep state corruption & shadow government sort a treasonous coup d’etat by creating & paying a foreign dossier to perjure an affidavit to secure illegal FISA warrants !

    Obama the treasonous thieving fraud ended the 150 billion dollar boycott against Iran as Clinton sold “uranium” to the “Russians” brokered by Mueller & Comey’s brother employed at the Clinton foundation that armed Iran’s nuclear arsenal against the United States.

    These treasonous career corrupted political thieves including & not limited to Comey, , Clapper, Brennan & others involved in the frauds, hoaxes, perjured affidavits & false narratives seeking to “frame” President Trump seeking a treasonous coup d’etat must all be prosecuted in the interest of justice & national security .

  27. Tell Steele there is a firing squad waiting for him.

  28. Lou Dobbs, when you first joined FOX, I did not trust you. But I must say, you are a very honest, open, intelligent addition, and you have become someone I look forward to hearing from in order to get a balanced point of view; and your guest today is awesome to listen to, a man who seems honest, as well.

  29. The report is a joke! Please stop wasting more of the people's time and money! Stop disrespecting the people and our President!! The people who have maliciously done harm in our country are not facing prison time and we are furious and angered that justice is not being taken seriously! We want all of the corrupt agencies to be shut down all together because it is a waste of money to keep open and no longer deserve to be highly respected! We want a real non-corrupt Agency created that will truly uphold the law to replace all the corrupt agencies that we no longer respect! All of the "Intelligence and Investigation" Agencies should be replaced with the word Corruption! As well as the word "Justice" The FBI should be changed to the FBC! The CIA should be changed to the CCA! The DOJ should be the DOC! They are phony agencies that do not deserve to hold such elite agency names! Let's call them what they really are! The people are not STUPID! We see where these reports are going! Our President and the People deserve real justice!

  30. If you don’t like our president Donald Trump, that’s because you’re a little jealous prick😃!!!!!!!!Trump 2020 🇺🇸🦅🇺🇸👍

  31. How com CNN never discussed all those criminals wrong doing They are just misleading people about everything

  32. The question is what gain would the FBI get out of this?

  33. I cannot wait for absolutely nothing to happen to these people! Aren't you just so excited about them walking free without any consequences? It's probably the most exciting thing that will happen this year! I am ecstatic to see just how many more laws they can break at our expense. It's a great time to be alive. Ugh. How I wish a sun flare would take us out and put humankind out of its misery. The good guys never win. Not ever.

  34. Isn't conspiracy to entrap and overthrow a duly elected president of the United States of America a serious crime? al capone laughed at law enforcement too but wound up dying in prison from syphilis. Might not want to be getting too squirrely yet jimbo!

  35. Watch. ….. we will see Putin's copy of the pee tapes. ……

  36. Read volume 2 of the Mueller report for yourself. Read volume 1 of the Mueller report as an AMERICAN. Do not trust Fox propaganda.

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