Tuesday , January 18 2022
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Young North Korean Defectors Find New Life In Modern Seoul | NBC News

For young North Korean defectors, escape from an oppressive regime is only the first hurdle. Next, they must learn to live among people who don’t understand what they’ve gone through in a world that’s far more modern than the one they knew.
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Young North Korean Defectors Find New Life In Modern Seoul | NBC News


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  1. This is the refugees that the USA needs to help.

  2. I was stationed in South Korea in91 Only to come back and listen to spoiled Americans wine and cry how unjust our government is they have no idea how great they have it

  3. This really make me cry,, i pray y'all meet your families again 😭

  4. I hope many of your north Korean find happiness live a peaceful life and a happy on to in jessus Christ and mother marry I say amen

  5. They will ask them for information on where you went if the don't complie you know what will happen they would be executed or sent to labor camps I'm sorry

  6. I'm sorry to say this but meeting your parents will be nearly impossible even meeting a friend in North Korea once you escape there's no way back to meet your friends or family they will all be sent to labor camps they probably have gone to a better place now if they are still alive try to smuggle them out now or they will meet their maker


  8. Starvation is an evil thing. The bottom line is people have to eat. Nobody should have to die of hunger. Here in the USA we have food stamps as a government debit card to buy foods. And South Koreans shouldn't mistreat and bully North Koreans.- Allen

  9. people defecting and fleeing a communist country for a capitalist country

  10. I thought it was Faker on the thumbnail

  11. They remember their family and friend who is in darkness.

  12. If im a Chinese police or authority, if I see a van with the pastor and some defectors, I would pretend that I don’t see them, also give them a wink before they go. 🙂

  13. Korea is eager to unify
    My favorite YouTube people,
    when I'm alive when I'm alive
    한국을 통일되도록 기도해주세요

  14. That man is doing the Lord's work, wow. What an amazing human being.

  15. One word the defines North Korea : Inhuman😨

  16. I am obsessed with now korean diffecter story.

  17. I want to believe this is the kid who will end the regime for good.

  18. A very sad story and hopefully those boys are doing much better..

  19. Does N Korea ever have people hunt down defectors? I wouldn't put it past Kim Jong Un. Hunt them down like animals when he is the animal! I don't understand why people would want to visit this country. Why spend any money there. I'm sure it's cheap but still why?

  20. South Koreans look down on North Koreans, they think they are stupid and worthless. That is just a fact, talk to someone from North Korea that lived in South Korea….the news tells so many lies now in todays society it is actually sickening.

  21. People in North Korea are being jailed from their own country, helpless, manipulated by the regime. I wish one day they would be free and live their life like human.

  22. Tell them Trump LOVES Kim their leader. Btw, how much $$$ were these North Koreans paid?

  23. Poor kids. Hoping for the impossible at the moment.

  24. How about telling the other side to the story?
    Many nth Korean defectors end up returning to the DPRK because,they are unable to cope with capitalism's isolation.
    The mindless consumerism coupled with absurd property,education and health care costs drive them back.

  25. Guys I feel so sad how South Koreans gonna treat them like so bad. All this publicity of helping North Korean kids is only a frontface.
    South Koreans are going to treat them so bad.

  26. They've switched one God for another. Still not free…

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