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Your Diet Is Fine, Your Lifestyle Sucks | Michael Ruscio on Health Theory

Dr. Michael Ruscio, doctor and bestselling author of Healthy Gut Healthy You, joins Tom to discuss gut health, finding purpose, and why stress may be the real root of your health problems.

The power of alternative medicine [0:40] Why does gut health matter? [3:31] Knowledge about health is not enough [6:03] A step-by-step process to better health [8:37] Unexpected benefits of nature/sun exposure [11:39] The roles of meaning and connectivity [14:00] Why a healthy diet cannot fix everything [18:27] Why gluten isn’t always the villain [19:50] Unexpected dangers of stress [22:57] How most emotions impact your gut [23:26] The criticality of sleep to good health [33:56] Myths and facts about fasting [36:08] The paradox of “healthy” foods [39:43] Pursuing gut health and purpose [44:17] Learning from evidence and testing [45:27]

Healthy Gut, Healthy You by Dr. Michael Ruscio:



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  1. Emotions fully control the gut
    When my husband up and left overnight , my gut for the next 8 weeks was totally skewed. I had bowls movements 6 times a day.. no joke . I never knew the human body could produce so much shit , but the shock of it all completely had my gut system thrown . Worried sick and sick to my stomach / butterflies in my stomach , scared the shit out of me , all of these notions ,when you are nervous, stressed , emotional – all that is not imagined

  2. A very balanced approach to healing for an MD. "Theres something healing and therapeutic about nature" Its electron flow ! "Timing" of foods ingested is paramount to the types of foods eaten, Microbiome function is regulated by Photon energy, This is directly related to Sun position and the frequency of the food eaten not the Macro qualities. The answers are "Beyond Food"

  3. At the same time when many people in the western world suffer from health problems and where obesity is increasing, many find it difficult to locate appropriate info that brings true results. For more information, click here

  4. I’m with you Tom, rash city 5 years in a row! I’ve gone gluten free & it’s helped some. Great video!

  5. Getting ready to run my first marathon in a few weeks. At age 55. Wonder if I can make or add dietary changes for more energy/faster recovery? I've been eating much more fruits and vegetables lately btw.

  6. The encouragement to eat in restaurants, and that if you don't your diet is too restrictive, is the worst advice I've ever heard. I have horrible reactions to roundup which most restaurants serve with every meal. Yet, with the GMO/roundup issue being so prevalent, you have nothing to say about it?

  7. Great interview, as usual. What I really appreciate is that Tom asks the right questions. He doesn't allow his guests to be shallow or vague in their responses. There's always lots of value. It's uncanny, because sometimes I find him asking the exact question I have in my head and wishing he would ask. Great job Tom and team Impact!

  8. "i meet with doctors and i tell them…." let that shit sink in mata fakas…….

  9. Do a GI Map stool test! It helped me heal my gut! You don’t know what to treat until you understand the bacterial overgrowth you have or issues! I found out I had 5 strains that were not good wreaking havoc on my stomach- I had giardia! And also h pylori!! Work with a holistic nutritionist that can help you! Changed my life and a year later I lost the weight, healed my chronic diarrhea and made my body happy again.,.all from this test.

  10. I love how you put those titles of each subject.

  11. I'm amazed Tom's wife is so stressed her health is impacted. After all, she has a husband who makes good money so there should not be any financial stress unless they're overspending. That means her stress must be caused by her relations with others. Perhaps Tom should work less and spend more romantic time with his wife and do things to nurture her soul.

  12. One of my favorite topics! Thank you Tom for this amazing interview. I love your show ❤️👌🏽👍🏼

  13. Tom, you always ask such great questions and do a great job listening! At 34:00, sleep is mentioned as being prioritized, but i was concerned about this for you with the skin appearance under your eyes. Is that something from before that doesn't go away? Hmm, thanks!

  14. This is fascinating. I’m off to get the book immediately!

  15. Tom, I absolutely love Impact Theory and have learned so much! I think it's really interesting that you started this show to learn how to help your wife. I also can't help but think that there might be a correlation between the ingredients in your Quest bar and your wife's problem with her microbiome. I've listened to many of your interviews where you discuss the gut and am surprised that sucralose is never mentioned. I would love to know what you think about that and why you still put it in your Quest bars.

  16. 6 or 7 hours of sleep per night is NOT sufficient for most people as far as I know.

  17. What word is he saying at about 11:25, 2 or 3 times? High…, low …. He's naming some substance, but didn't care to pronounce it clearly. It sounds like "five maps".

  18. "Dogmatism can only exist in the presence of ignorance" . Thank you so much for that incredible take away !

  19. Great interview! Thank you so much for discussing this topic.

  20. Have you heard of the True North Health Center? please please invite Dr. Alan Goldhamer! He's a fasting master!!

  21. This vid may just change my live 🤞

  22. I was into Tom Bilyeu until I realized he just brings on the most charismatic Jesus types that can sell ice to an eskimo to feed us a bunch of horse shit in a beautiful package. Love the new set fucktard.

  23. Umm, unrelated to the video but it opened with an add by Becel for margarine. Yikes!

  24. What's the 2 diets mentioned please?

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