Wednesday , January 27 2021
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Your Questions Answered About The New Coronavirus Strain | NBC Nightly News

With a new strain of the coronavirus emerging in the U.K., NBC News’ Dr. John Torres answers questions you may have about contagious it is, the best way to protect yourself and more.
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Your Questions Answered About The New Coronavirus Strain | NBC Nightly News


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  1. Read your script. Spread the lies.
    Cash that check..

  2. What does Working vaccine mean? Exactly what protection does each vaccine provide?

    What are "Ingredients and side effects of each "Approved" vaccine?"

  3. Let me hurry to believe everything i hear another 'expert' on covid says.

  4. This just in. New covid symptoms.
    The sky is blue.
    Water is wet
    Fire is hot.
    You put your shoes on your feet.
    You put ketchup on fries.
    You use turn signals
    Stopping at stop signs
    You put I before E except after C.
    You know righty is tighty and lefty loosy.
    You need more
    You see the moon at night
    You wear seatbelts
    You color outside the lines
    More to come…..

  5. New strain of the fake news-19 virus? Who saw that one coming?

  6. 99% lose everything while 1% makes a killing. Sound familiar?
    Tiny hats
    Big profits..
    From BIG lies.

  7. This virus may be man made…

  8. God I hate NBC and this guy’s balding head. My question was “are you guys just going to use this to say Donald Trump’s warp speed didn’t work and it’s his fault that a random virus came from China?”

  9. Dear person, please take a moment to read this important message:

    Falun Dafa is a spiritual self cultivation practice of mind and body that improves both health and morality. It is based on Universal principles of Truth, Compassion, Forbearance. Since 1999 Falun Dafa practitioners are facing the most brutal persecution in the history of mankind at the hands of the Chinese communist party.

  10. Nowadays, if a person has a cough or flu due to a cold weather, all the experts say that it has corona symptoms. corona has gone into humans brain which cannot go away for a long period. politician around the world has promoted this event so much.
    No need to worry too much, everything will be fine when their goals are achieved.

  11. Why does that guy talk like an AI? Creeping me out.

  12. Everything is still "unclear", all the big corporations are getting richer though and the government has never been more powerful. LoL thats clear af

  13. What u guys were losing so u release a new virus

  14. Humans: we got a vaccine for Corona virus
    Corona Virus: hold my beer

  15. Trump and the president from China made this virus

  16. Reject this insanity. Covid is a fraud.

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