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ZARA NEW IN HAUL & TRY ON // Pre-Spring 2019 // Fashion Mumblr

A try on haul for Zara and other highstreet favourites for Spring 2019!
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Pink Blouse – http://bit.ly/2D1A55U

Zara beige boots: https://go.zara/2Ddr34J
Zara coat: https://go.zara/2UNomht
Zara cashmere: https://go.zara/2GcubS1
Zara crochet bag: https://go.zara/2Gu3qrw
Zara croc boots: https://go.zara/2UI26Fo
Zara white boots: https://go.zara/2SxR9c4
ASOS pearl clips: http://bit.ly/2DinzyN
Etsy clips: http://bit.ly/2SaVuCU
ASOS boots: sold out
Needle and Thread Rosewater dress: http://bit.ly/2SdZpPa
Needle and Thread Rosewater skirt: http://bit.ly/2SaXomN
Stories bobble jumper: http://bit.ly/2U0g1GF
FCUK navy dress: http://bit.ly/2GpqRCq
FCUK black dress: http://bit.ly/2GcFR7w


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  1. I personally love the skirt option! Definitely be able to mix it up more than the dress 👗 😘😘

  2. white boots are not the same as the link 🙁

  3. Interested to know what your views on fast fashion are Josie? I'm trying to stay away as much as possible now because of the effect on the environment

  4. Lol on how dramatic the chocolate story was

  5. You look so tall, thought you were at least 5"8

  6. I love this blouse!
    Your style encourages me to dress myself more feminine again …

  7. Love all you got! Zara has a good quality and fAshionable.

  8. i dont get it — you said you were going to show more expensive things to avoid fast fashion but zara is fast fashion.

  9. Is Needle and Thread clothing from Asos cheaper than needle and thread in general high street stores. Or are they imitations on Asos? Someone please let me know. Thanks

  10. Can you please where the silky top is from? And yes the needle and thread dress looks great on you 😍

  11. The pink tulle dress ❤ looks so beautiful

  12. Definitely like the dress

  13. It’s so funny I thot only America Zara has a bad customer service but it’s same Canada / Asia / n I guess Europe tooo … its a global bad Zara horrible service .. but still come back because of their clothes … lol

  14. Omg love your Zara haul! Will definitely buy those boots…stunning

  15. Where is that cognac colored bucket bag behind you from?

  16. The last one i love it 😍😊

  17. Is there anything you don't look amazing in? I wish I could look like you!!

  18. All 3 dresses are stunning Josie. The Needle and Thread ruffle dress is probably my favourite followed by the second FCUK dress (black) with the splits in the front. You styled it so well it looks better on you than on the model on their website!! The other FCUK is beautiful but a little more casual perhaps.

  19. I feel like you’re sponsored and not telling people.

  20. I do love all of your videos. I really love the floral skirt on you and the second dress that was all one color was really classy.

  21. I love the pink blouse you’re wearing

  22. Jesteś cudowna ❤️❤️❤️

  23. Go with the dress plz , it’s looking absolutely gorgeous on you 😍😍

  24. The jacket seems like a more boutique designer style cause Zara copies big and small labels making small changes and selling it before collections sometimes even come out to the market… and at a cheaper price, that’s why Zara is as big as it is today… and they launch new collections so quickly

  25. It is quite difficult to choose but I think I prefer the skirt ! But both suit you very well !
    Great picks otherwise ! Love all the boots !

  26. You’ve linked the wrong Zara coat!

  27. The floral dress is stunning ❤️

  28. You have such a soothing and feminine voice and energy! It is really a nourishing experience to watch your videos. And it is nice to see that you know what suits you. A lot of pastels and feminine cuts. Good luck and blesssings!

  29. I think skirt rather than dress as you'll get more wear an different looks but think the 2 dark dresses are gorgeous an you should keep both xx

  30. Oh my God where did u get the blouse u r wearing? I couldn’t help but stare at it the whole time! So preeetttyyy🥰🥰🥰

  31. The dress looks so good on you! It also reminds me of Zimmermann ❤️

  32. I love the Zara crochet bag. Love the pic you took on vacation with the white bikini. You should check out the woven totes on Amazon too.

  33. Wondering how ladies afford these clothes??

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