Sunday , November 29 2020
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Zuckerberg's fear about Elizabeth Warren is legitimate: Napolitano

Fox News senior judicial analyst Judge Andrew Napolitano discusses the legal implications for big tech if Senator Elizabeth Warren is elected president.

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  1. Napolitano is nothing more than a sell-out POS! He crumbled under the threat of the swamp and leftists control freaks.

  2. Judge is wrong 75% of the time but FB might be pro-Trump in 2020 so let’s do it FB

  3. Zuckerburg making that scripted remark is his way of begging conservatives not to throw warren in the briar patch. Warren is funded by big tech so of course big tech prefers to have their wolf watching the hen house.

  4. Literally, breaking up big tech like facebook and amazon IS THE ONLY THING I AGREE WITH! They are destroying small business and personal privacy!!!!!

  5. I cannot stand that fake traitor Napolitano!

  6. no one will be able to purchase anything because we'll all be broke the total market will be gone .

  7. she won't win anyway and if she does everyone in this country will lose everything include herself and her family because when this type of thing occurs the whole nation crumbles to the ground and if the US tanks into oblivion the rest of the world goes too. so think about that it could happen.

  8. They started by hating on Warren and at the end of the video by agreeing with her. 😂 I love it. You know she’s right

  9. I really don't think we are going to have to worry about a "President Pocahontas" ! as long as their is more patriots then "batshit crazies"

  10. So this far left agenda wants to take away your right to eat meat they want to take away your right for a car they want to take away your right to fly they want to take away your right for the Second Amendment they want to take your right away for speech they want to censor everything and then now they're going to take over a government have the government-run businesses. Be careful what you wish for because if the Democrats win it's all over for this country

  11. Don't be fooled folks. Remember who are trying to inform you. These people are the same people as the people who hate Americans and America. They want Facebook broken up so they can buy it up again… Just like they did with Standard Oil, ATT & Verizon, etc etc. Enemies mislead you with FAKE OUTRAGE. POOR ACTORS. 😳


  13. That is socialism for you. Why is tech companies swinging liberal?

  14. Funny how Zuckerberg has a disdain for President Trump, he's been up the yin yang of the democrats, until he gets wind a "President Pocahontas" could affect his holdings……

  15. The fact that she is gaining ground is disturbing. I have never seen a politician campaign on taxing the hell out of everything and being cheered for it. Maybe because millennials haven't watched the news growing up and seeing the poverty in the USSR under socialism and the day long food lines.

  16. Warren will simply take payout and leave the tech co's alone. This is why Trump was voted in. A thumb in the nose go global totalitarianism. Business of destruction of sovereignty and loyalty for profit.

  17. Replublican and trump all enemy to all people this country and every country around the world

  18. Maybe Warren and Zuck will collide and self-destruct together. And second-rate judges turned commentators can jump on into the dust cloud, too.

  19. This totally off subject…but DOES ELIZABETH WARREN CHANGE HER BLACK JUMPSUIT? It looks dirty and smelly to me as it is all she wears with a different color, but the same style, most of the time, jacket…PEW…Change your clothes Ms. Warren.

  20. Why does Fox insist on showcasing a hack and deep state rat like Napolitano? Oh wait, I answered my own question .. he’s a deep state pawn.

  21. does anyone talk about the way elizabeth warren dresses. always in black with those too short tired looking sweather
    jackets. she looks horrible with that hairstyle she is a total mess.

  22. This is one good idea that Warren has.

  23. They are worried about Warren because quid pro Joe is now washed up !!

  24. Zuckerberg if he sued Warren, he has more money he would break her and make a law where you cannot use taxpayer dollars

  25. Pocahontas Warren does not even have a chance of winning.

  26. Fox really is a load of crap. The fifth amendment has nothing to do with what this commentator said. There is nothing in the fifth that would stop warren from breaking up big tech.

  27. Napolitano Never Trumper….Democrats butt licker.

  28. Hey Zuckerberg I think you would be VERY smart to shift your support to the right unless of course you prefer the more nightmarish path. Warren will ruin us but Trump will keep us strong.

  29. This can't be true. Warren wants to welcome " anyone" entering our country, remove the law for entering ilegally without papers, and give them welfare and heathcare?
    This must be a Right Wing lie? Can't be true.

  30. Hmm … I wonder how long before Zuckerberg starts shilling for Hillary?
    Beto is nuts. Buttigieg hasn't got enough support. Gabbard is out. Harris
    is unelectable. Bernie is down and out (unelectable before and now
    his age/health is a factor). Biden has a lot of baggage.

  31. Mayflower emb? Autumn leaves, you. E, can you .

  32. she aint going to be president,america is a capitalist country

  33. It hurts consumers in 2 ways. 1) it compiles data, to manipulate the consumer and to sell for profit. 2) it violates America's constitutional rights and powers, can cells accounts with opposing political views, creates programs to direct and interfere with the freedom to form individual views that may oppose theirs. I find both of these to be very damaging to both the people and the American government.

  34. Suckernerd is a diverse entity alien robot, fecesbook is pure crap

  35. Facebook was invented by a teenage for teenagers. Most adults with anything going on in their lives doesn't have a facebook account.

  36. Hahaha! Finally these mega rich lefties start to worry because it will eat into their ridiculous profits. Finally these compassionate Liberals who censor and hate Conservative views might realize that Socialism and Democrat hard left anti Capitalism will crush them. What happened to your Social Justice Ideas now?

  37. Fox is becoming more and more liberal. This panel sucks.

  38. The tech companies have brought this on themselves. If they had kept their platforms open and resisted the urge to censor their contributors (outside overt violence and threats), they wouldn't be having these problems.

  39. The crazy Fake Indian wants to break up FB. Zuck might think about a Commie in the WH Nationalizing FB and chunking him in prison for being Anti-Revolutionary.

  40. Where did Zuckerberg learm how to dress. Granola head.

  41. I hope the lunch lady Pokahoness wins the nominee so our President can slap the taste out of her mouth. lol

  42. Them Demtards have nothing to worry about Trump has already won in 2020 lmao

  43. What's there to worry about? Pocahontas will never be president.

  44. Dems killed themselves when they went after big tech!

  45. Plot twist, Biden drops out, Warren gets nomination. FB flip flops and promotes GOP over Democrats rather than the way it is now. Maybe now people will wake up

  46. Mark! Are you for real to think Pocahontas is going to be elected in 2020.🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

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