Sunday , October 24 2021
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1 Killed, 13 Others Injured In Shooting At Kroger Supermarket Outside Memphis

One person was killed and at least a dozen injured in a shooting at a Kroger grocery store Thursday afternoon in a suburb of Memphis, Tennessee. The suspected shooter is also dead.
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  1. ❌ sure hope those cops 👮‍♀️ a least wore their Mask 😷 when they went in shooting 🎥🍿🎬👋🤣 because COVID-19 Yah Know ‼️

  2. These store managers need guns locked in the office for times like this.

  3. How many people should die for authorities to get in common sense and forbid selling guns as easy as selling shoes? Somebody you love suddenly is gone for just going to the supermarket.

  4. Sorry to hear anywhere let alone in America. Praying for America. 🙏

  5. As Horrible As Kroger Is With Their Service They Probably Brought It On Themselves!

  6. ❌✅False Flag🇺🇸 traitor🏴‍☠️nation 👋😝😝😝😝 shooting 🎥 and cut🎬🍿

  7. If you noticed, grocery store is filled with cameras. Not ONE video of ANY "shooting" the last 10 years. Media keeps the 🐑s in fear

  8. Dem's are making this country sicker by the minute

  9. 🤔 He must have been white….they haven’t gave a name nor shown a picture of the killer yet

  10. Whenever the left feels threatened there is always a “mass shooting” making the rounds in the news, coincidence?

  11. Youtube’Google’ is now deleting and flagging accounts and comments that accuse them of bias and suppressing freedom of speech… LMAO

  12. don’t get me wrong thoughts and prayers are nice but WE NEED REFORM

  13. not a single day without shoo ting in the Land of the Free, Home of the Brave.
    Free to own a Gun, Brave enough to use it.

  14. I love these psyops. The acting is so terrible.

  15. The shooter was ashamed that his country the U S treated those Haitians like they did….and he was white….national guilt and double standards

  16. The shooter wasn't White and that's why it isn't getting as much attention from the left like it would have if he had been.

  17. Prayers for the victims & their family's. Many thanks to the officers risking their lives. Stay safe out there!

  18. Shooter was a Biden supporter

  19. hospitals are not over run by covid stop lying to the people

  20. The food he bought was expired? 🤔

  21. Who thought u needed to b packing at the market! RIH victims. Stay informed n ready

  22. A cop was seen on his way to the shooting. But he had to stop first to put his bulletproof vest. Cops cannot be everywhere all the time. Armed security was mentioned in comments here. An armed guard at every store in town? Get real. If you and your neighbors aren't carrying a loaded weapon on your person, you will potentially become a hapless victim. I visited the Grand Canyon this summer. In a grocery store in Flagstaff, I saw 3 men shopping with .45s on their belts. It's legal there. And so is concealed carry with no restrictions whatsoever. It's safe to assume that more folks, men and women, are concealing their weapons. So, I'm guessing that there were at least 6-9 armed shoppers in the store. A perpetrator there wouldn't have any idea who would be shooting back immediately, within seconds. Arguments about crossfire and friendly fire casualties only fuel helplessness and inaction. When seconds count, the police are only 5-10 minutes away. We either get backbones and take responsibility for our own safety or accept personal responsibility for our own death or injury by blithely becoming an innocent but willing, impotent victim. If carrying a weapon in your State or locality is illegal, ask yourself if you'd rather be judged by 12 or carried by 6.

  23. Just like Memphis. A minute too late.

  24. Kroger Memphis … I’ve been there.

  25. Yeah his grocery bill was way too high, Is meat prices outrageous That said him all.

  26. I am 22 and I never seen a man with a gun (except of Guards, Army, Police)
    In most countries people even don't know where guns are sold.
    But USA is different from the world

  27. United States Of Shooters

  28. America finally is back to normal.

  29. Prayers for theses victims i was shoping at target and at the bank when i saw the premadics and police when towards kroger i thought an car addcient happen not a shooting

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