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1 killed in possible gas explosion in Kentucky

The initial cause of the explosion in Lincoln County was a 30-inch gas pipeline that somehow ruptured, officials told ABC News.

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  1. I can't stand that black fuck with the gapped teeth and a lisp. Hes got a punch able mouth.

  2. more like Mike tyson haha that anchorman

  3. Thank goodness I live a few miles from a gas station.


  5. I am litteraly a county away from where the explosion happend so im glad no one i knew was hurt

  6. Isn’t that funny you are at a risk because New York needs they gas. Put that shit in your back yard for them.

  7. It had the sky lit up in Burgin 25 miles away.

  8. America's natural resources are under attack along with the Exon Mobile plant!!!

  9. So your gonna report about a KY gas explosion from GA?? Wow

  10. The US and the police against Yukos.
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  11. I live in Lincoln County and we keep having problems with the pipe lines

  12. My grandpa live there sad day😢

  13. ABC = fudgepackers with microphones.

  14. why are all these comments so dumb?

  15. Colonel Sanders has entered the chat

  16. Good job polluting the planet!👍

  17. They died as a tribute to our liberty, free from the tyrannical socialist chains of regulation. Thanks Moscow Mitch!

  18. That was in Lincoln county which is about 30 mins from my hometown of Harrodsburg and I could clearly see it from my window and it was visible in Louisville which is about 3 hours away from Lincoln county

  19. Cheap Chinese steel pipe.

  20. Texas refinery fire, Gilroy Garlic Festival shooting, major gas line explosion….what’s going on in DC to warrant all this distraction?
    Stay safe this weekend my fellow Americans. Something shady is going down soon.

  21. Exactly what #MOSCOWMITCH
    #RUSSIANRAND WANT, A PERFECT DISTRACTION! Everyone terrified and desperate. Aren't you glad you voted for LESS regulations?! KY is now having a crisis #MoscowMitch can fly away from but leave constituency without a plan. DON'T EXPECT GOV blevin to help, he will beg for money and blame you for not having the right home insurance. Maybe it was the area that needs to be cleared for a 2nd RUS plant to pilfer KYs natural resources. WHERE DO YOU PLAN TO GO WHEN NATURAL RESOURCES ARE GONE? #NativesToldYouSo
    Don't expect to take regulations and be safe. Any suggestions for the next 'man made disaster'? JUST TURN OFF GAS FOR 1/2 THE COUNTRY, also remember how the pipelines coming thru Berea are next! Too bad you don't a senator & fighter like Amy McGrath to fly in and help. #VoteBlueKY

  22. This is what happens when state officials accept bribes from texas oil companies instead of mandating the X-ray of all welds!!!

  23. It was AOC with her green new deal

  24. Stephanopoulos.. Did you or did you not go to epstien island?

  25. "gas leak explosion" thats something you heard in movies when the cops trying to cover up something

  26. I actually had to be evacuated from my house when this happened, I was scared that my house wasnt going to make it

  27. Hopefully it got Moscow Mitch.

  28. I want to know the path of that pipeline through Ky.Is it under where I live. There probably will be more explosions along it's path if the pipe is beginning to fail…

  29. Our infrastructure is weakening and eroding across the United States. Pipe lines, bridges, etc. I watched a documentary that showed how many gas pipelines crisscross our country, with many of the eroding gas lines in or around neighborhoods and communities that are just a spark away from exploding like this gas line in Junction City. This is what happens when companies put huge profits ahead of maintaining their infrastructure to keep communities safe. There will be many more tragedies like this in the future as aging gas lines continue to corrode and rupture.

  30. "I have cut more regulations than any President. " Donald Trump

  31. Like an atomic bomb? Um no you would be dying of radiation if that was the case

  32. Call me crazy but I see Iranian regime’s fingerprint on this and the other fire in Texas oil refinery plant.

  33. Illegals migrant terroist's expressing their gratitude for your open armed policy and brotherly love!

  34. i was 5 miles away from this in parksville.

  35. Possible gas explosion its exploding no possible just commit news say it it is a gas explosion dont worry the gays blacks wont call u racist

  36. Im pretty sure explosions are racist.

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  38. Im wondering if this and texas are linked and we just being kept blind.

  39. Gas pipes love to explode these days.

  40. Kentucky… is that not where ''Moscow Mitch'' is from..?
    who cares…?
    they are all traitors, simply for living within the borders of Kentucky, all of them, traitors
    they allow McConnell to represent them… too bad only 1 died

  41. Thumbs down "THANKS for checking out our utube channel"

    One above and one right here 👎


  42. Was is Moscow Mitch? No? Damn…

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