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1-on-1 interview with Iranian President Hassan Rouhani

David Muir discusses with Rouhani whether Iran was behind the Saudi oil attack and are the U.S. and Iran heading toward a major conflict?



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  1. FOR ME AMERICAN KNOWS THAT SAUDI PATRIOT MISSILE SYSTEM CANNOT CATER MULTIPLE ATTACKS, it was intentionally done by Americans so they could have a reason to attack IRAN with the use real and upgraded patriot missile system, THAAD to counter even hundreds of iranian missile…. IRAN IS GAME OVER

  2. David is always a great representative of America

  3. Audacious journalism must I say ☝️Although, I wish you would've had a legit conversation, a natural flow. The interview covers so good questions, indeed but it more so Mr. President and you amount of arrogance, I'm honestly confused. Truly baffled, where does Mr. President think since America (&yes that's all he's worried about) has left you alone, and broke, you throw the equivalent of a temper tanton, blow up people shit (Saudi Arabia), steals people shit( all them ships) and lie about the situation, AND come on TV discussing this as if you ACTUALLY give a fuck. And grining the whole time? Atleast that's one thing we agree on which is this interview, you're "help the needy" shit is a f*******(excuse my English) joke. But let me busy, because if that's how you act in defense of said "human rights" I'd HATEE too see you angry Mr. President!

  4. Rouhani's Islamic ideology tells him that he can lie like a rug .and he is lying like a Dog.👈🤨🇺🇸

  5. This interviewer is a fkn idiot!

  6. "Where's the evidence that you didn't do it? " LOL

  7. Seems like all the questions coming from these so call journalist is written by the State Department

  8. Let's do this if need pmc visit please my bugout bag is ready.

  9. What about satellite imagery. The satellite should be able to pinpoint where the firing started and where it ended. Or am I being too naïve to think that satellite imagery would answer this question?

  10. Islam is the most hatereds and jolousey religious believes in the world to other religious believes, they make conflicts ,terrorism and wars in all over the world,look at that devil Ruan

  11. The USA is trash! And for ever will be a trash nation!…prople go to the USA for tje benifits and the take advantage of the constitution…the day USA stop and fall mo one will give a fuck about that country any more!

  12. i disagree with Iran…but you can not ask an accused for evidences of which we accused them with.we know Iran is guilty but the question is silly

  13. iran is jailed,(completly locked) tat is the reason tey cannot question usa on sanctions. if pres trump puts sanctions limiting
    to number of glasses of water iranians can drink. iran will accept the truth of tem being behind drone attack of saudi.
    iran showed similar behaviour in uk oil ship tan later tey released it. for iran to tell the truth more sanctions &pressure works out.

  14. Saudi Arabia did 9/11 yet Iran is the biggest sponsor of terrorism? It's almost as if they are trying to re-write history.

  15. David Muir is a Democrat. I’m sure Pelosi and him chat regularly. He is doing his best to make it appear Trump is a bully!!! Iran just wants money. David, I suggest you visit the Middle East in person. You will be shipped back in a body bag.

  16. Iran have killed and continue to kill thousands of innocent Syrians a US journalist failed to confront this criminal shame on you and your station.

  17. Maybe the West should step back and let these two violent nations settle their differences? The US is energy independent and other countries would probably increase production enough to take up the slack. When Saudi wears Iran down some Israel and the US could help decimate Iran's Nuclear and Energy infrastructure? Set them back a couple of decades? Would that be so bad? They want a war sometime anyway. The longer we wait the more dangerous Iran becomes? Just let Iran wait a few months or years while the sanctions take their toll otherwise.

  18. The u.s government calling iran the number one source of terrorism, yet we were the one that created those terrorists groups and funded them lmfaooo wtf is this? We are still funding proxy wars using terrorists group groups to this day!!! Trump never drained the swamp

  19. it's not wonder people refer to us as and i quote "Dumb Amercians".

  20. If i hear this interview, Iran looks like a holy state, but think people!! If Iran was really good, there was no tension between America and Iran, Iran is manipulating is, but they do in secret a lot of bad things, funding militias to create chaos, cyberattacks. Their plan is to destroy the west, but they respond if they are wise and rational.

  21. This stupid interviewers are making the American people look bad.

  22. Whoa translating for both sides lol

  23. I miss the days when of "ABC Wide World Of Sports"…… not the political garbage they have nowadays,

  24. Lol Iran’s cute, they think they’re still dealing with Obama admin lmao. Nope

  25. As a Persian individual, when I look back and review performance of this cruel and liar regime during past forty years , I have to say, Hassan Rouhani is a big liar same as all of the regime officials including his fake and tyrant leader, he is a jerk cheater who has cheated and betrayed Iranian people for more than three decades .
    shame on regime, and its fake leader who will be prosecuting by Iranian people soon,

  26. The traitor Zionist puppet of the Zionist Rothschilds is a clown and hypocrite

  27. Only one thing to say, 1953 Iran…

  28. Stop “pressing” Iran and turn your focus on murderous regimes such as Saudi Arabia and Israel.

  29. AMERICAN WAR MONGERS Be careful what you wish for.

  30. I will only say this and promise its the truth. When the power of Sunni was taken away in Iraq and given to the Shea….well it has given a path through of power starting from Iran to Iraq to Syria in to Lebanon and now Iran needs Yemen to be able to have control all around Saudi Arabia from north to south. I pray this does not happen.


  32. We will kill rhouhani .😃🇺🇲😃🇺🇲😃🇺🇲

  33. No iran will never done this attack. Because Saudi Arab is there neighbour countrie. And what if iran attack what benefit they get?

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