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10 Beauty Mistakes and how to avoid them! Here are my simple tips to a beautiful makeup look, and which beauty Errors you can avoid!
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10 Beauty Mistakes & How To Avoid Them

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  1. How can someone as sweet looking as you copy someone else’s work…. you have no shame 🤣🤣🤣🤣… it’s actually quite bad and cringe but love your account all the same.

  2. This video is copied almost word for word from another YouTube 😕

  3. Wow, you literally even used the same celebrity example.

  4. I believe your advice is spot on, especially when one is seeking a look of elegance. Yet elegance is not one of most women's agenda. I believe you can be " trendy" in some fashion pieces. I myself, having run in different "circles", found true elegance is achieved exactly how you explained it, that is of course if one wants to express their true self. But, then again trash admires trash.

  5. I do not wear make up to look natural lol. I like the made up look

  6. I just have a question. I know you wear lots of white and light colors so how do you keep your tanning cream from getting on them? It's such a struggle!

  7. Wow! Plagiarized content is definitely a mistake. You lost a subscriber today. Too bad because you would have done fine developing your own content. How can anything you post now be trusted to be genuinely yours?

  8. I normally like your videos and you come across nicely but this video you come off as haughty and patronising. Your tone of voice and some of the way you express your opinions. I’m not a hater by any means as I subscribe to you but bad video you’re a lot more humble normally


    She copied the Video from Rachel, another smaller YouTuber. Just click on the link.

  10. I don’t think you are taking into consideration how different our under/overtones are. Our natural/nude looks can vary dramatically. In color analysis I am Winter/cool undertone Clear. My natural look is pure white eyeshadow and fuchsia lipstick. I look absolutely awful in warm “nude” muted colors. Before advising ladies in these topics I would recommend studying color analysis/styling.

  11. I agree with most of your points. The bad fake tan is definitely not attractive. Though, we do need to go out into the sun to produce the hormone known as Vitamin D. With all the sunscreen and everything that people wear Vitamin D deficiency is becoming more of a problem. I would just say to be aware of your sun exposure and make sure to take proper care of your skin.

  12. I would add that not only do you want to remember your neck in your skin care, but you should go down onto the middle of your upper chest. When you are older, this area really tends to show your age.

  13. Hi
    ..i'm Brasl…like you videos 😍

  14. Copied content from a smaller youtuber! Original video here:

  15. These are NOT beauty mistakes…If Gwen Stefani and Marilyn Monroe, both blondes, as well as Audrey Hepburn, a style icon, beautifully and confidently wear/wore the right shade of red lipstick, you very likely can too.. It is all about balance and not being afraid to have variety in one's look. Some say strong eye soft lips and vice-versa is generally in good taste. Beauty MISTAKES are, as you stated, things like not properly matching foundation to one's skin tone, or not blending shadows or not lining properly or evenly. Over-doing make-up, unless one is on stage under lights or being photographed can often be a beauty mistake. For women with darker skin, nude lipsticks, even those close to one's skin color can just get lost and be flat, dull or blah…. What is the point of wearing make-up if one looks blah….??? These softer shades work beautifully for you, but most women on this planet ARE darker than you. I do believe you are speaking to what you know and your preferences or "comfort zone", but your title and repeatedly saying Mistakes… comes off as kind of harsh, even for similarly fair-skinned blondes… I just think of that classy looking blonde wearing a Chanel red lipstick…. it is a timeless look…

  16. You have no credibility by copying another youtubers content!

  17. Such a shame. Why would you copy someone else's ideas and even if you did you should have atleast given her credit for that.
    Here's the original video uploaded way before.

  18. I hate chick like you STOLD this from The Racheal Review. You're obviously INSANE and bulimic which makes females crazy. SHAME ON YOU

  19. oh josie, so disappointed to see this is completely plagiarised from a much smaller youtuber! almost word for word the same! really liked you up till this but I can't respect plagiarism

  20. It might be a coincidence, but you really have a very similar content from someone on Youtube. She uploaded her video on March 21, 2018. Word by word, Tip by tip.

  21. So basically anything you don't like or doesn't suit you we should avoid?

  22. You're such a nasty copy cat.

  23. Hi Josie, I´m following you since 2016 and I would never think, that you are going to copy somebody's work. Sorry, but it is a little bit disappointing. I hope you can manage this lack of inspiration and move forward, so you can get the trust of your followers again.

  24. Thank you for this video Josie, it’s really helpful as I’m learning the tips and tricks of makeup as I grow I’m not very good at makeup so this is very inspiring thank you xx

  25. I fell in love with your necklace 😍

  26. I love, absolutely LOVE, LOVE your white blouse. xoxoxoxo

  27. I agree that these are mistakes. It's fun to switch it up sometimes, but many of these trends will be considered mistakes in the future. It is the natural cycle of trends. For a classic style, these are definitely mistakes. Well done!

  28. Great tips..yes, the thick black liner draws everyone' s attention to it…instead of the color of your eye..

  29. I need you earrings, they are beautiful!!! Where are they from please???

  30. This was a copy of The Rachel Review's video 🙁 This was recommended after I watched Rachel's and I'm astounded at how she copied it without giving any credit :/ I understand if it was in a different order or if she added some of her own, but she didn't 🙁

  31. Does anyone know where to find the white pearl button down she is wearing? I really like it but I can't find it. Please help. Thanks~

  32. Hi. I can see some negative comments, all josie is trying to do is help people just in case you don’t really know what you are doing or realising if it is a mistake or problem. Josie is not saying dont these things, she’s just helping if you have problems. Love you josie. Xxx

  33. As a trained Makeup Artist I have to disagree with most of what you said Josie. My clients have preferences and I definitely can’t tell them not to use what they want. Imagine telling an Asian bride not to use a thick eyeliner when that’s what they like. I think the title should have been “Beauty trends that you don’t like” Not hating, just saying 😊

  34. I like that ladies here were as polite as possible in disagreeing with what trends they like & don't like. The women who reacted in the comments to Naomi Boyer when she did a similar video topic weren't as civil unfortunately, yet she issued a similar disclaimer at the beginning of her video. I enjoyed both hers & this video by the way, interesting ideas.

  35. Hey Josie, love your videos alot, always inspiring, always creative- I did see however someone commented earlier about the video being exactly the same as #TheRachelReview video- but hey, maybe you all got your tips from the same source! Asides that, keep up the good work!

  36. I appreciate the fact that you are talking about the dangers of the sun! I wish people would understand how harmful it can be 😟

  37. Your face lookes so aged and old .

  38. Where are your lovely earrings from? Thanks

  39. How do you keep makeup from rubbing on your beautiful shirts if you go all the way down your neck with? I have trouble sometimes getting a shirt on after doing my makeup.

  40. Ugh, I watched the video before reading the comments and I already knew you were going to get this unnecessary backlash, in this new world in which everyone has to be politically correct, nothing is well said.

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