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10 CLASSIC PIECES TO BUY NOW + WEAR FOREVER // Reiss Haul // Fashion Mumblr

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❤ FEATURED in this video

What I’m Wearing:

White Boat Neck Top – https://bit.ly/2QOYRfV
Pink Suede Skirt – https://bit.ly/2wfbhql
Leather Twist Shoes – https://bit.ly/2WJVVoL
White Dress – https://bit.ly/2JdzLTU
White Silk Blend Blouse – https://bit.ly/39L6zOW
White Pleated Midi Skirt – https://bit.ly/39I6lYW
Semi Sheer Blush Pink Blouse – https://bit.ly/32cQI9L
Taupe Chiffon Blouse – https://bit.ly/2JHGW78
White Collar, Nude Sleeveless Blouse – https://bit.ly/2SJjAmJ
White Shift Dress (shorter) – https://bit.ly/2uhR7Ln
Floral Print Dress – https://bit.ly/2QHLWfB
BLACK DRESS – https://bit.ly/3bEoE2D

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Nude Cami Vest Top – https://bit.ly/2yDlpKB

My pearl necklace – https://bit.ly/33GGzmv

Foundation I’m wearing (OBSESSED) is this one; https://bit.ly/3aLAB6q
From ByTerry – get 20% off with code JOSIE20

On my Wishlist;
Cream Pleated Culottes – https://bit.ly/33GhCHG

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Fashion Mumblr Presets – https://bit.ly/2FXVG28

❤ Be My Bride – https://bit.ly/2jri3zg

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COME SHOPPING WITH ME – https://bit.ly/2MMO9pf


❤ Camera that I filmed this video on – http://bit.ly/2S48HsH
❤ I also use this camera for smooth shots – http://bit.ly/2BlXDkF
❤ I use this camera for the *pro* looking shots – http://bit.ly/2HVcRTi


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* NB : The links above are likely to be affiliate links, which means if I have inspired you to make a purchase and you choose to buy something through one of these links, I may receive a small commission on the sale, as a way of thanks! It makes no difference to you as a buyer at all but I may receive a small compensation from the brand via rewardStyle. If you’d like to find out more, you may like to read this post : http://bit.ly/2rjaGPU xoxo


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  1. I love love warching your videos, I am very happy that you post them every day now. However wnen you posting pretrying outfits on Instagram same morning irs totaly spoels the surprize of new outfits, its like we already seen them. Can you please may be do a teaser but not total looks in Instagram so when the video comes out it would be more excoting to qhatch. Thank you darling. Love your work👍💕😀🌞

  2. I love that you're trying to show us more black pieces. That black dress looks gorgeous on you! 🙂

  3. Totally loved every piece in this haul 😍

  4. The white midi skirt looks divine on you.

  5. Been loving your videos everyday ❤️

  6. Josie you are so beautiful!! Inside and out. Stay safe and healthy!

  7. That smile takes you to another level when you model, thank you for doing it lately….You're 1 in 8b? Josie. Also, I think a gold chained belt would make that black dress pop; it looks gorgeous on you. Also..Can we get some bloopers? ;P Pleaseeeee!

  8. Love the make up in this video. Lovely and glowy! Please will you do a make up tutorial. Your make up always looks pretty x

  9. Hello,Josie. I like the fact that you don't wear black. It is over done. I also had to wear black for work. One of the reasons I don't care it much now. I also noticed to that I do not look good in it. Thank you for showing the style that you love. Yes for the people that do wear it nice to show feminine style.

  10. Hi Josie, I think you look beautiful in the Black dress. It does suit you. The Black dress for some reason isn't linked. Great video as always.

  11. -Wedding Planners may be in demand soon! (and decorators for babies room!) Shocking events tend to bring society around to what's important. It's fun and if I hadn't moved to NY I'd probably be doing it in a major southern city. I moved in that direction many years ago – making bridal headpieces for brides wearing their mother's dress. The years usually darkened the dress to a slightly golden cast. A popular color emerged for brides in the late 70s/early 80s: "Candlelight." Simple to use fusible interfacing with plastic steam irons (we had them then!) – hand-sewn silk chiffon roses and veil – they took an hour to make even back then!

    – Event Planning is another great free-lance career. Corp Event Planners tend to be the 1st cut in hard times. Working independently is an advantage over a disoriented long-time employee who never thought it would happen to them. I worked as an assistant for sr executives in NY – and planned countless events around the world – from my desk outside the corner office. Even then independent Event Planners had certain events as long-time clients. Great working with them too!

  12. Love these videos Josie,you are a trouper doing these everyday and your contents is interesting.I bought the H&M pyjamas you recommended yesterday in powder blue.I hope your mum is doing well during this time it must be hard for you not being able to see her xx

  13. You forgot to put the black dress in the comments section. Unfortunately many of us will be needing them.

  14. One of your best! I loved the ivory bateau neck top on another video – of course it's Reiss!
    Black is the scarcest color/neutral in my closet too (Light Spring) but for most of us the Reiss top even in black w any black skirt or pants would make a showstopper LBD outfit made of separates

  15. never thought you would be wearing black 😉 do you have tips how to dress if one is more curvy? i'm really struggling with my tummy area after my 2nd child … probably you know someone who does it really well? thank you 🙂

  16. Black actually looks good on you. It brings the colour of your hair and skin out.

  17. Fallen in love with Reiss because of you 😍. Awesome video as usual. Lovely classic pieces.

  18. I’ve just got obsessed with Reiss recently! I’d love to see how you style tailored Reiss clothes such a blazer or trousers xx

  19. No one’s going to point out how much that one dress looks like you’re getting a baptism from a cult? No? Just me? Haha


  21. You are so elegant and beautiful ❤

  22. you look absolutely smart, chic, professional in black.

  23. Your daily videos are such highlights during the lockdown. Thank you Josie💐

  24. Great recommendations! I enjoy watching your videos every day, thank you for your hard work! 💕

  25. Loved everything💖. I Look forward to your videos every day and appreciate all of your hard work Josie. 💕x

  26. A room tour please 💕

  27. Gods how are you news to enjoy uk gods luck love him very well god has been living for you cared about me for years you nice 👍

  28. OMG 🤩 I love everything 💜💜💜

  29. Reiss hauls are always a must watch! So many delicate and beautiful pieces!

  30. Omg I looked away from the screen for a second and caught the black dress out of the corner of my eye and literally dropped my phone 😂 I love when you work with Reiss because it’s not just another collaboration, you really are passionate about the brand and it shows 💗🖤

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