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10 Min Abs Workout — At Home Abdominal and Oblique Exercises

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  1. How much time do this exercise in a week

  2. I've never been so happy to get a mid video advert…

  3. Just wanna say your beautiful already, but go and kick this workout in the butt, You got this💪

  4. Please add some music..
    Some times there is too much silence

  5. I feel like this is the only ab workout I actually like lol

  6. I feel like this is the only ab workout I actually like lol

  7. Me:alright I’m gonna get my abs back
    also me: trys
    Me later: freak it I’m 12 I don’t time for dis

  8. I'm trying this but my legs are not even being straight Kkkkk

  9. So since we're all in quarantine I decided to try and get fit, this is my second day doing these exercises, some exercises are a bit harder than others since I'm not flexible xD ,so I decided to do some stretching before.
    I'm intending to keep doing these exercises every day so wish me luck

  10. How long do I do this to start seeing a result?

  11. Who else is doing this on their bed because they can't afford a yoga mat?

  12. who else is doing this during quarantine

  13. Could you also make a video with a male instead of a female? Thanks!

  14. First time I like YouTube ad 😭💪🏽

  15. I used to do this vid every nite for 3 months including cardio and lifting and eating clean at home….when I tell u this couple is The Truth!!!

  16. Coming back to this during corona virus 2020 😀

  17. literally every time i did a butterfly kick every part of my back and hips cracked haha

  18. I do this exercise all the time and have no idea how many calories i just burned

  19. At first glance I thought it said “ 10 minute ass workout” I was like tf

  20. This isn’t a fucking exersize, it’s an exorcism,how much longer

  21. First two days I was practically dying and in so much pain but by day 3… I was shocked at how easy it got!! I may have even been Donny it wrong cuz it felt so natural.

  22. Who's watching this because of coronavirus and the gyms are closed?
    wanna loose weight? http://bit.ly/bestwaytolooseweight

  23. I'm getting sore just watching this

  24. Day 1: hard and my legs hurt and I checked for abs four times

  25. The best workout video on YouTube

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