Thursday , February 25 2021


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Earrings –

Pearl Cardigan –
Snazzy Button Cardigan –
Puff Sleeve Knit –
Amazon Boots –
Sorrel Boots –
H&M Knit Dress –
Chloe Bag –
Black & White PJs –
Polka Dot PJs –
Puffer Coat –
Amazon Slippers –
Vince Slides –
Amazon Leggings –
Brown Leggings –
H&M Knit –
Holland Cooper Knit –
Mango Knit –
Prada Boots –

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  1. Hi Josie! Love your videos. Maybe it’s just me but I can’t get your amazon boot link to work. Do you mind checking it. Love those. Thank you!

  2. It's so lovely that you're embracing the 'country life' look as it really does suit you very well. Absolutely love Holland Cooper (wish I could afford it) etc. Thank you for another fun video!

  3. Nice video. You should stand one step behind so the video shows the entire forehead. It cuts your face..

  4. Loved this. I know this is boring but do you have steaming tips. I have just bought one and am struggling to get it right xxx

  5. Josie, this is a great video! Love your style and method of presentation. Fabulous 🙂 Just one suggestion – on my computer, your head seems to be cut off a little in some of your videos, including this one. It might just be my screen, but do test it out on different computers to see if that may be happening to others. Otherwise, you're amazing and please keep up the great work!

  6. The most worn item in my wardrobe is a simple black tank top. I probably have a half dozen and wear them as a base layer most days.

  7. I love these tips as I am building a capsule wardrobe. I love those Prada boots!! ❤️

  8. Having a duvet day with the puffer jacket (:

  9. We have different styles Josie but I did go and buy the French Connection Cora pleated dress in khaki and it's all your fault! 😆 👍It's not even available in Australian stores but I got it on sale for about 60pounds and paid for international shipping because you sold it to me just by wearing it. Such a beautiful dress even for my curvier sz12 figure. Sized down to a 10 and couldn't be happier with it.

  10. Hi Josie! Loved this video thank you. I did want to know what lipstick and lipliner you’re wearing it’s so pretty.

  11. Santa brought me the Chloe Tess bag last Christmas – he must watch your channel? 🥰

  12. Loved all these ideas Josie! 😊

  13. Your Chloe bag and Sweater( yes I’m American) look perfect together. Great video 💕

  14. Hi Josie, I really enjoy watching your videos. I do have a question. How do you manage not to get make up on the collar of your delicious white puffy coat ?

  15. the Amazon leggings page crashed. can you give another link please ? Thanks a miilion

  16. Great relaxing Sunday video 😊 This last 12 months I have actually worn out leggings 😂😂

  17. I literally love everything you post❤️❤️😍😍do you have instagram too?? I always look forward to your vloggy style videos and advice❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️🦑🦑✨✨✨

  18. Where can someone get things outside of Amazon, especially if we want to support more local or companies that are not affiliated with Amazon?

  19. If any of you guys love Josie 's pearl embellish cardigan but it's out of stock in your size or your price range. You can buy a plain white cardigan and sew some pearl beads on your self.

  20. Loved the Sunday Fashion video!😄 I am really inspired by your style so this winter my wardrobe essential was definitely a knitted sweater with pearls🥰

  21. Your recommendations over the last few months about the versatility of sweater dresses prompted me to purchase a couple. And i must say they are much much more comfortable than loungewear or jeans and a t-shirt. It was also amazing how even family questioned why I was dressed up.

  22. Hello Josie. What a beautiful dress.

  23. 🐼 Big Bear Hugs from a 67 yr old grandma in Kirby, Texas, USA 🐼

  24. That puffer jacket looks so luxurious, but not all people cam wear them. I would look like a polar bear!

  25. Hi sweet girl, I ordered the Amazon house shoes when you talked about them the other day and they came today….Josie, OMG. They are so comfortable and soft. That you for taking care of so many during this Covid scare, you really make lives happy. Love to all you family and fur babies. MM-TEXAS

  26. Thank you for all the options Josie. It is too bad the Amazon boots are not sold in the Amazon US.

  27. This is my favourite channel. I especially like it when you explain everything so nicely. Thanks for sharing.

  28. What materials are the jumpers?

  29. No one does a wardrobe essential like you. I'm going to grab those adorable pj's.

  30. Josie, What are you wearing on your lips? I need it! 😍

  31. Hiya, was wondering if you would be able to do a a fashion syle/tips video for a slighly older/Larger veiwer can see from your comments on your other videos you have a lot of older ladies watching. Would your mum be upfor a fashion makeover by any chance? – Thank you,

  32. Brill as always thanks a million xx slippers

  33. When I’m able to get back to work and have a bit more money to spend I will be buying the gorgeous H & C Jumper Dress. At present And Other Stories are great prices. Also, again after seeing your vlogs, I have bought myself the slippers and obviously some a bit different for my husband, from Amazon, again fab prices. Yet another great vlog packed with info thank you 😊 xxx

  34. I I ADORE sweater dresses!!! I am curvy and I can still wear them. I was just window shopping on Amazon and they have some fantastic ones at REALLY good prices. I would need to swap the puffer jacket for a pea coat. Because I’m busty , puffer coats make me look like a block. So.. pea coat for the win. One of the nice benefits to being classic loving gal is that it’s easy to find pieces you will like at thrift stores or websites like posh mark. You can easily find pieces that are more high end pre loved for a very good price. AND pre loved is very eco friendly .

  35. Appreciated the practicality of this video! I have and wear frequently most of the essentials, thanks for sharing 💕

  36. Just in relation to the boots- I think that you should go for Timberland's or something along those lines, a proper boot maker rather than Gucci etc. Timberland's are tried and tested and they have some really cute options too and you can guarantee good, durable boots with them!

  37. Josie, what are you wearing on your lips? And thank you for including US links.

  38. Love your style videos ❤️

  39. Really loved the video. Practical and luxury. I like how you share how to get the look for less. Your content has been a blessing during covid.

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