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12 Stretches You Can Do at Home to Burn Fat

You don’t have to go through intense cardio workouts to get the body of your dreams. Try out 12 simple stretches you can do at home to burn fat quickly. Flexibility exercises are also helpful in improving metabolism, blood circulation, and even muscle building. They improve your posture and, thus, even increase your height. You can engage all of your abdominal muscles and even reduces the risk of developing cardiovascular disease. The Warrior pose improves your balance as well. The Bridge is especially known for toning and shaping the buttocks. And no more back pain is a great bonus of this stretch too.
Stretching your inner and outer thighs is key for good flexibility. This pose in particular targets the muscles of your inner thighs and groin. If you aren’t very flexible, doing this stretch regularly will change that significantly.
Besides the physical stuff, stretches also have a great effect on your emotional state, helping you deal with depression and stress.
Don’t forget to come back to this video at least once a week and do these exercises with us! They have tons of health benefits that will allow you to achieve your dream body within weeks.

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The Cobra 0:33
Seated Torso Twist 1:33
The Warrior 2:39
The Bridge 3:49
Side Lunge 4:49
Inner Thigh Stretch 6:00
Knee Squeeze 6:59
Tricep Stretch 7:57
Sitting Side Bend 9:00
The Bow 10:03
Downward Facing Dog 11:00
The Triangle 12:05

-The cobra stretch stretches out your spine and helps promote the growth of cartilage between your vertebrae.
-Seated Torso Twist exercise targets your back, abs, and obliques.
-The Warrior works your hips, back, and abs. It also strengthens your core: the deeper the lunge you do, the harder your core works.
-This exercise is a great workout for your glutes, legs, and abs. It’s especially known for toning and shaping the buttocks.
-Side lunges have a positive effect on your hip flexors, quads, and hamstrings. The main target, though, is your legs.
-Stretching your inner and outer thighs is key for good flexibility.
-Knee Squeeze works your upper, middle, and lower back muscles. It’s also great at reducing and getting rid of knee pain.
-Tricep stretching targets your triceps as well as your back, shoulders, and even your abs.
-Sitting Side Bend gives a good workout to your obliques, back, shoulders, and abs.
-The Bow pose targets your abs, back, and hips.
-This pose targets your legs, hips, back, shoulders, and arms. It improves digestion too.
-The Triangle exercise works your legs, obliques, hips, shoulders, and chest. It also gives your sides a good deep stretch.

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