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12-year-old is only girl playing in Little League World Series

Maddy “Mad Dog” Freking of Coon Rapids, Minnesota, is the 19th girl to play in the series in its 72-year history, and the first to play in five years.




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  1. Ok let me get this straight when a girl plays baseball gets a lot of credit, but when a boy plays softball it’s over powered what do you mean he has an advantage😂😂😂

  2. They didnt even mention thenguybshe struck out looking to give her that 2 out bases loaded count

  3. Looks like a young Clay Matthews

  4. very proud of her!! good luck !

  5. This is BS. The little league world series is a baseball game. Not softball. If a guy showed up at a softball game people would be pissed

  6. Bruh she 5’6 and m they’re playing on 60 foot bases what

  7. Imagine if it was the other way around there would be an outrage

  8. Nobody cares if she's playing baseball

  9. Thats a dude with a ponytail

  10. I guess it will work when shes young but when all the boys grow up she wont stand a chance. Men are stronger than women, thats just how it is, nothing will ever change that, but i wish this young girl the best.

  11. Why are we still making a big deal of girls "breaking down barriers"? Can you ever recall the media celebrating a boy "breaking down barriers" by getting into girls sports? When you're the 19th to accomplish something, it's not news anymore.

  12. This is fucking news????? Wtf is wrong with y'all!!!!

  13. You go girl!!!👍🏻👏😀

  14. Maybe this is just factual evidence that women/girls are not really meant to play sports?! #gender #sports

  15. I actually watched her game the other day on espen

  16. So what? Why does it matter?

  17. Women aren't men… The End 😉

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