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14 Days Weight Loss Challenge – Home Workout Routine

Are you ready to start losing weight at home in just 14 days? If so then this workout routine will help you achieve this goal.

This is a pretty intensive exercise program that you can do at home because you don’t need dumbbells, weights or any other special equipment. Just your body weight!

This is a 2-week challenge which means you need to do this workout EVERYDAY for the next 14 days if you want to see good fat loss results.

Additionally, for even better results I recommend you pay attention to the food you eat. Follow these 2 simple nutrition rules:
1. Stay away from sugar 🍰🍫🍦🍭
2. Stay away from grains 🍪🍕🍞🍔

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Let’s start the weight loss challenge and leave me a comment below, tell me at what day are you currently on, how you feel and what is your progress.

Good luck!💪❤️


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  1. Day 7 completed

    Current weight: 98 KG
    Weight lost: 2 KG

  2. Finally 1 day complete
    Current weight 52
    Target to be 45 kg

  3. Day 6 completed

    Current weight: 98.5kg

    Weight lost: 1.5 kg

  4. i"ll start from tomorrow morning.

  5. Thank you for this excercise

  6. Trying this for the third time…. I’m gonna follow it all the way through this time!

    Day 1: so tired

    Day 2: Tired and have a headache today 😩 but overall it felt easy

    Day 3: It was hard to find the motivation hit it felt easy once I started

  7. Current weight 52kg started on 16 Oct 2019.

  8. 17 the October is my 5th day I feel very comfort able

  9. Started on 11th October 2019 and today is my 6th day. I'll be updating my experience after my 14th day so wish me luck guys 😅 one thing I'll like to share is dat I feel refreshed after my workout let's see whether I find a difference or not ❤

  10. i complete one day,, now i am 66 kg

  11. Day 5 completed

    Current weight: 99kg

    Weight lost: 1kg

  12. Started yesterday 14 oct, today second day completed.., almost died after leg drop exercise 😌

  13. Day 4 completed

    Current weight: 99kg

    Weight lost: 1kg

  14. Day 1 completed, it was hard but I'll do it and I'll try to continue for 14 days 😊💜 wish me luck!

  15. Day 3 completed

    Current weight: 100kg

    Weight lost: 0kg

  16. Day 2 completed

    Current weight: 100kg

    Weight lost: 0kg

  17. started on 12 oct 2019..
    i have slim body only belly and tigh fat…Hope it will work✌️💪

  18. Im to start today
    1st day.. wish me many calories can burn?

  19. Am I the one still finding difficult the mountain climbers??? It has been day 6 already 😪😥

  20. I completed 8 days but there is no change in my weight I skip sugar, rice items . What is the reason tell me please

  21. started today makes me sweat

  22. Day 1 completed
    Current weight: 100kg
    Weight lost: 0kg

  23. Should we increase the times like first 14days it must be 20 times after that 25 20 etc … Sholud we icrease orelse should we maintain the timing as given below

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