Thursday , January 20 2022
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14-year-old says he killed intruder to protect grandma

A teenager in Charlotte, North Carolina who shot and killed an intruder during an attempted home invasion said he had no choice, and that he has no regrets.
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  1. This brave young man is right to have no regrets and to want to just get back on with his life!

    The intruders choice gave him none…

  2. He wanted his prescription of DUMBerol filled, bambambam prescription overdose.

  3. good going for that kid protecting his grandma

  4. Great kid. I would have done that to protect my Grandmother.

  5. Please don’t feel bad, there is evil in the world. May God continue to guide and protect this young man and his family.

  6. Hope the boys alright taking a life even a sub human life will haunt you. Hopefully he knows he done right

  7. "spidey sense" this woman just won my heart. I love my elders….. they all deserve our respect.

  8. I have 3 blood pressure medications in my bathroom. Someone steals them and swallows them and their BP drops to zero in about 15 minutes. I don't think druggies read the labels.

  9. Self defense is a legitimate thing
    No matter who you are

  10. How are there FORTY dislikes?! Did have that many dependants? WTF?! That is a hellova thing for a 14-yo to have to live with.

  11. you go son! BRAVO one less pos on earth

  12. Come in my house, you bleed out, you die, then I call 911 to get your body out of my house. You’ll not get a warning. I’m not going to save your life and your never going to get a chance to see another day much less break into another home.

  13. Smh, glad the grandson protected his grandmother. I’m also sad the grandson had to even be in that situation. Peace and Blessings to all!


  15. Two applications of social reform: Drug Rehabilitation (kicked THAT habit)
    Gun Control…youngster hit his target.

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