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Light Tan Coat –
Gucci Belt –
Polene Belt Bag –
White Trousers –
Patterned Wrap Dress –
Strapless Bra –
Seamless Knickers –
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  1. Thank you again, very helpful information. I find that your style and clothing advice transcends age and the pieces can be modified to fit a personal style or shape. I really enjoy your videos, tips, travel, skin care. Your autumn videos are one of my favorites. You've inspired my outfits 🙂

  2. Thanks for all the wonderful suggestions and tips Josie!

  3. One of your best videos yet! I especially love the tip about shape wear and wearing the right undergarments in general. It is something other people can't see but the right underwear makes such a difference! Also, I only have nude bras and underpants because I don't ever want them to be see through. I don't care that they are not so pretty or sexy. But wearing them underneath my clothes does make me feel pretty.

  4. Nope. No shape wear. Not going to be stuffed into some elastic under garment 😛

  5. Great tips!
    Thank you!😊🙏💕

  6. May I ask how tall you are? I'm normal size (171cm) but I always look lost in coats ! 🙁

  7. All d style tips a person ever needs to know ♥️✨

  8. I hate when you put a link instead of the label you are wearing.

  9. Very nice!!!***❤️❤️❤️

  10. You do a great job and you practice what you preach! It must be hard to keep coming up with ideas for videos!
    We are getting cooler rainy days now—so maybe how to stay dry and look good on rainy days! How to keep your hair looking good in the humidity without putting it up or back!(. I look horrible with my hair pulled back or up! I’m one of those people that need hair around their face!)

  11. I have the opposite going on- i absolutely love wearings heels but i don’t want to appear taller!

  12. Hi Josie – I just purchased my first jumper with a high neck (the Emma cashmere from Club Monaco) and don't know if a necklace would work and if so what type. I would appreciate any tips you might have!

  13. This is my favorite channel! This video paraphrases pieces of useful advice I have heard through the years but adds new practical details and really is just the most concise guide ever. I know this is a retro request in the digital realm but please write a book! 🧡

  14. Hi Josie, very useful video. Thank you. I do love the idea of taking photos of outfits. I am a visual person so trying these techniques and taking photos will help me see what works best. You are truly inspiring! Hugs!

  15. Take care of your body so when you're out and about you don't have body odours. I often see a really good looking men/women, dress at their best, but when i walk past them, they have an unpleasant smell coming from their body. I mean… we don't have to use an expensive perfume, at least wear a deodorant and have a rolled on perfume or body mist ready in our bag to freshen up.

  16. Fantastic content!!! This should be mass produced and marketed to women graduating from high school, college or even to women changing careers. A “How To Dress For Success” partnership with a brand is a no-brainer. Excellent!!!

  17. I need to buy more Reiss 🙈🇨🇦 loving your outfits 💕

  18. 6:00 is a perfect outfit ♥️✨

  19. I agree with all your tips! My weakness if evaluating my wardrobe and taking out pieces I no longer wear. My age is to a point where i need to evaluate some of my styling choices too! ❤️

  20. Lots of useful tips! Thank you, Josie. For the shape-wear you mentioned, do you need to make more effort when you go to the restroom?

  21. Thanks for all the tips, Josie! I use the neclace trick all the time:)-Lena

  22. Enjoyed. I have a large steamer at home that I use regularly. It is fabulous. I would like to purchase one to take when I travel and would appreciate your input please.

  23. Josie 🌺 The only thing I would add to your comprehensive list is a positive & kind disposition 🍥 A smile can be the icing on the cake 🍰 of ones #ootd 🎊 P.S. I hope those of us who are too far to attend get a taste of your 'event w/ ted'… Have fun✨

  24. Thanks Josie! Absolutely priceless pieces es of advice. I am very interesting in the strapless bra 🤓🧐, is it comfortable ? be I have Back pains. I respect your wise opinion 👍🏻🥰💕🤩

  25. Other bloggers are all buying baggy items that I absolutely cannot wear as I am 5 feet tall and 110 pounds. Clothes that hug my natural curves fit me so much better. Baggy clothes are not very chic but that's my opinion.

  26. You are the best stylist 💕

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