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15-year-old arrested for allegedly saying he'd shoot up school

Police said other alleged mass-shooting threats include a truck driver accused of planning a Memphis church attack and a Seattle man allegedly threatening to kill Hispanics.




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  1. Joe Swanson: I don't know what to say, but the law just hasn't caught up with how cool kids are now.

  2. Sorry mommy, a 15 year old is no longer a little boy…

  3. Good. Lock them all up if they’re going to threaten people.

  4. Doesn’t look 15 to me looks like 28

  5. Only 100 people swap into the game dude… Maybe his intentions were to kill all 99 set a record then finish himself off for triple digits?

  6. Can someone explain to me why race matters when it comes to a white person committing a mass shooting but not a person of a different skin color committing any other crime?? Ok most of the shooters are white is it really doing anything by pointing that out?

  7. Videos like this are why I question if I want kids the mother seems like she’s trying her best and cares about her son it must be heartbreaking to hear that everyone acts like it’s her fault but you have no idea how good or bad of a parent she is sometimes kids do stupid things and while It’s no excuse for the kid to make threats like that it’s hard for me not to feel bad for the mother

  8. and let eipstein out of prison while they say he killed himself where is the video of his suicide? it doesnt exist. trump got him out

  9. so 15 year old kids cant say they want to shoot up schools but the police men who arrest them can carry guns and shoot drug dealers on the streets and take their supply and no one does anything? 15 year old kids cant say they want to shoot up schools but the government can molest kids with pizza gate, cover it up and then bomb other countries? you better get right america


  11. I’m surprised she didn’t say boys will be boys

  12. Finally the cops do something to prevent these demon little fucks. They need to wipe their own kind out since they want to shoot something.

  13. "Assualt style weapon" WTF DOES THAT EVEN MEAN?

  14. That mother is a fu*king retard, saying: "he's just a little boy, they all make the same jokes" … SHEEEEat, damn woman, raising a sociopath and a mommas boy … 15??!?!?!? Grow a pair son, say thanks to your mom for not hitting you the first time you weren't obedient … where's the father …?! This is a typical "modern" family … no regard for humanity, egocentric, pre-edipal small minded victims of your mass murdering socio-economic system … enjoy your jokes among other sociopaths.

  15. Have you seen Fords new assault style car it’s called the Ford Mustang

  16. I get the mother doesn’t want her son to be locked up but he’s not a little boy he knew what his actions cause wtf she needed to accept that he said what he said

  17. "Not my son," said literally every shooters parents.

  18. All white people and yet immigrants are dangerous

  19. Kids say stupid things for humor or to be edgy. I highly doubt he would have ever done anything

  20. Also investigate the parents for influence.

  21. Every kind of control begins at home, not in the society. As people in possession of weapons, they need to ensure that kids don't have access to their weapons. Seriously, these people can't even show some responsibility given how many incidents have occurred on this front in the USA.

    "He's just a boy"……SHUT THE BLOODY HELL UP! There were African kids who were younger and had guns in their hands in Sierra Leone, and they had claimed the lives of innocents. How does it make your son any different!
    That woman's denial speaks volumes of her weakness when it comes to handling her own children. She has destroyed his life as well as her own. It's a tough job being a parent in a world where people don't care about ripping each other off over some altercation, and this woman just made it even more difficult.

    Accountability and responsibility are serious lessons, and you don't drive it home with your kids when you let them have their own way. You have men and women and children who sign up for the Armed Forces and sacrifice everything when they go to fight a war overseas, and at the same time, you have these ninicompoops who eat up your nation from within.

    If you seriously can't handle your offsprings, STOP HAVING THEM. And I am not addressing the American public. I am addressing all the people on this globe. You have a responsibility to the society you live in, the country you live in. Please, for God's sake, be civilized!

  22. All these people have murder on their mind

  23. That's a oddly specific threat for him to not know what he's talking about.

  24. Meanwhile, colored people are actually shooting up people and places every day and they aren't caught.

  25. He's a good boy they said
    He didn't do nothing they said

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